Freezing Meals Ahead of Time

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Happy Memorial Day, you guys!  I hope it’s as relaxing as ever, and the fact that we can actually relax and enjoy this day is thanks to all of our brave men and women serving our country.  Thank you everyone, and thank you to my brother in law who served in the marines for quite some time. As much as I love a hot meal for breakfast every morning, every now and then I wake up wanting nothing more than a refreshing bowl of cold ingredients.

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Besides, as the weather slowly warms up, in addition to my pregnancy hormones making me feel much warmer than the normal human being, all I’ve been wanting is something to keep me cool and not too full.  Satisfying but small portions is key to keeping up in these last few weeks!  My stomach has been extremely sensitive for the past several days and oftentimes I find myself telling Greg that I’m ready to give birth! Open-mouthed smile

Yesterday and today’s breakfast featured this amazing bowl of smoothie.  I can’t believe how long I’ve been going smoothie-less and it’s finally time to change that.  This mixture contains Garden of Life’s vanilla powder, one frozen banana, blueberries, and milk.  My love for contrasting textures got the best for me and I opted to top it with bits of cereal, coconut butter, almond butter, and some chocolate Vitatop.

I have a feeling this will be my choice of breakfast for the next couple of weeks.

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For lunch I went the super easy route and had some of the leftovers that Greg brought me over the weekend.  I was quite surprised to see that he brought me so many vegetables since he despises them! Haha.

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Then 3:30 rolled around and I needed something to pick me up!  So I got McDonald’s iced coffee with one pump vanilla and creamer on the side.  Very surprisingly Mickey D’s sells decent coffee, I’m so serious!  And I paired it with with Chobani’s banana yogurt and the rest of the Vitatop from this morning.  Perfect snack to hold me over until dinner.

Freezing Food for Post-Birth

I’ve been reading a lot about how without planning ahead, eating regular meals after the baby’s arrival is rather difficult.  In order to prevent this from happening I’ve been cooking easy and economical meals in large batches so that I can freeze them in little containers.  Although I don’t have many options in the freezer as of yet, I did manage to store the pulled bbq chicken from last week, and last night I cooked one of Greg’s favorite meals—meat sauce spaghetti.

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Luckily we weren’t that hungry last night, so we ended up having a huge batch of leftovers to freeze for post-Selah’s arrival!

What would you make ahead of time?  Any more ideas on tasty and easy meals?

Have you been loving cold or hot breakfasts lately?


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