What Pregnancy Has Taught Me

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“Everyday is Sunday” is what Grandma Betzen used to say to Greg.  And you know what?  I find that to be quite true in the world of pregnancy, let alone in your regular non-pregnant life when school and work take over, all in addition to your personal life that seems to become nonexistent due to the aforementioned reasons.  Although I feel like it was just yesterday that I announced my pregnancy, there are many little things that I’ve learned throughout this journey—some of them deeper in a sense and some of them, well, it’s just the little things that count, right?! So here’s what I’ve learned:

1.  When those cumbersome little hormones start to play with your foodie appetite, find what you like at the moment and not what you think you should like.  It is far too easy to become influenced by the foodie and healthy living circle and end up thinking that a raw kale salad is what you should eat every single day.  Sure, you definitely need those nutrients to help baby grow strong and healthy, but finding your middle ground in what you choose to eat is more helpful for your mental health.  Sometimes I’m even guilty of this myself.  Remember, happy mama equals happy baby.

April 10-2013 (1 of 2)-2

April 10-2013 (2 of 2)

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-70



2.  For expectant moms who are physically able to be active as opposed to say, being on bed rest or anything that might endanger the baby, exercise is one of the ultimate key components to soaring energy levels, a fit body, and the dreaded symptom of swollen limbs that attack us if we’ve been sitting or standing for lengthy periods.  Of course, one should always consult her physical health with her doctor and  go from there to see what kind of routine is best suitable for her.  Remember, don’t compare your routines to other expectant moms’ workouts unless you want to be discouraged and obtain a low self esteem!  Find what you enjoy and what you feel comfortable with.  It can even be something like walking or hiking with your lovies.



3.  Take some time during the day when you are at your highest peak of energy and motivation to meditate, read, pray, and have alone time.  There’s nothing more important in this life than to do some good old soul searching and meditating on the things that are good for our spirits.  When we are recharged and encouraged on the inside, we will surely exude those very qualities on the outside.  Plus, as small as the baby in the womb may be, he or she can only benefit from such serenity!  You can even treat yourself to a nice quiet morning or a quick stroll at the beach.


4.  It is completely okay and acceptable to feel incompetent in your relationships.  You will inevitably experience those days when being around people (even your most loved ones) will drain you no matter how much of an extrovert you may be.  Once again, those nagging hormones and dips in your energy levels can make you less available to those who are around you (physically or emotionally).  Guilt can easily set in and make you feel like you are the worst friend and human being in the world for being so “out of it”, but it’s okay!  Don’t let those negative thoughts own you because that’s how pregnancy is sometimes, and it is not something we can easily control.  You are allowed to be human and you are allowed to make mistakes—obviously, you still want to give your best in all of your relationships because it’s not a license to be a meany poopoohead.  If that’s the case for you, well then, I shall call you a meany poopoohead.  I find this next cartoon to be hilarious.  It’s a bit exaggerated in my opinion.  But really, is it that exaggerated or is it like that with most women? Smile

pregnant humor

5.  With the Goodyear blimp looking belly that is hanging in front of you wherever you go, you will most definitely garner attention, so watch out!  Many people will initially look at you like you just fell from outer space and will even make you think you have a booger on your face (ummm people, haven’t you seen a pregnant lady before?), but not all is bad.  Use this time to your advantage, because it’s your once in a lifetime chance to get sweet smiles from 99% of the people you come across with (at least the women), and what’s even better, they never fail to open the door for you and make you feel like royalty!  I could really get used to this, but I only have 2 more weeks to go till the pregnancy magic wears off.

That was a fun rundown of what I’ve been learning throughout this journey!  I hope you enjoyed it and learned a bit of what to expect in the future.

Almost 38 Weeks


Yikes, I’m just about 2 weeks away from giving birth provided that Selah chooses to arrive on June 14!  This is how much my belly has dropped in the past few weeks and I can really feel her grinding downwards on my pelvis.  According to the doctor, everything looks great as of now which I am extremely grateful for.  Wish me luck and keep me in prayer because we never know when she might arrive.  It might be tonight, next week, or 3 weeks from now.  We shall see.

Have a great day full of love and peace!

Anything you would like to my list of things that I’ve learned?

What aspects of pregnancy scare you the most?  And which ones make you smile?

When is your best time to have solitude and a time of reflection?

-For me it’s usually in the morning and in little spurts throughout the day.  It’s much much harder to do that at night.


Ellie <33