First Date at Bamboo Izakaya

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We all have our moments when we look back at the sweet memories that we’ve accumulated with our loved ones, and lately I’ve been doing a whole lot of that due to all the transitions going on in our new family.  Both Greg and I were so fortunate to have his mom helping us by taking care of Selah throughout the evenings.  The night before she went back home, which was Monday evening, she gave us the best suggestion ever!  She kindly suggested that we go out on a date and took charge of Selah that night.  Now, if that doesn’t make a new parent let a sigh of relief then I don’t know what will. Smile  It was rather surprising to the both of us since we didn’t expect to go out for at least another month or so!  Besides, I was starting to get somewhat cabin feverish. April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-104

After yelping for some good quality sushi and a restaurant that provided a relaxing atmosphere (by the way, follow me if you’d like, ahem), we came across Bamboo Izakaya in Santa Monica right by the 3rd Street Promenade.  If you’ve been following this site for a while now, you most likely know that almost every date night has been taking place in this area.  What can I say?  We love the ocean and good food!

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Right from the get go we knew that this was the perfect place for our little date.  Not only is the restaurant extremely clean and inviting, but the food is simply amazing… As soon as you take a bite of their food you can tell that quality is of utmost priority to them and their presentation is just a work of art!  All the way from the professional service to the {somewhat} pricey dishes we would both rate Bamboo Izakaya an A.   I just mentioned that their dishes are on the higher end of the price range, so it’s definitely a place to visit only every once in a great while for most of us.  Fortunately, we both had a good amount of cash stored up for our first date after Selah was born.

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Greg ordered the Genmaicha Green Tea and we both wound up sharing the pot.  The loose leaves were definitely refreshing and of good quality.  And do you know how I can tell?  Because Greg actually loved it without sweetening or adding anything to the drink. Open-mouthed smile

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After our awesome server, Robert, began to take our orders he recommended that we try his favorite appetizer called the Pari Pari Spicy Tuna, which is a nutty tasting crisped rice base topped with tuna.  It was so delicious and it satisfied my raw fish deprived taste buds! (Hello pregnancy)

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For his main dish, Greg opted for the zesty and slightly spicy tuna tartare dish called Dohyo. I’m a big fan of wasabi so the avocado base with a hint of wasabi hit the spot.

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And since I’ve been waiting for 9 whole months to eat raw fish to my heart’s content, I went with the Akebono roll.  Robert asked me if I liked spicy sauces and when I said yes, he enthusiastically recommended that I try the roll with his special hot sauce.  I thought that it would be pretty cool to try his specialty condiment, so I rolled with it and I’m so glad I did!

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I’m not sure if it’s because Robert found out that I have a blog that features food, but he was so kind as to bring us a complimentary side of garlicky edamame.  It was fantastic!  So much so that I ended up licking my fingers afterwards, haha.  So the lesson for today is, don’t be afraid to flaunt your blog when you eat out.  Be proud of it because you never know what may happen! Winking smile

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We had such a great time eating out after what seemed to be a long (but blessed) week with Selah, and we have Gramma Betzen to thank for it!  We’ll definitely miss having that kind of physical freedom, but you know what?  Every moment we get to spend together is that much sweeter. Have a great day you guys!

Have you been in a position where date nights and eating out is a luxury? 

What’s the last memorable meal you ate?

If you’re in the LA area, what are your favorite places to visit? (restaurants, cafes, etc.)


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