Exercise Challenge for When Time is Non-Existent

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I am sure that you can already imagine just how much energy and time is {lovingly} consumed when you have a new addition to your family, let alone if that addition is a newborn baby!  I often wonder why human babies are so different from animal cubs when it comes to learning the ropes in their first month.  I mean, isn’t it funny how most animals can start walking as soon as they pop out of their mother’s womb, but on the flip side, humans are just the opposite?  Even holding their head up straight takes a lot of work! Haha.  All that to emphasize just how little time new moms have in their hands to even think about exercising…

So, what’s one to do when even eating a simple meal becomes a monumental task that deserves a golden medal award? (I kid)  An exercise challenge, that’s what.  Fortunately enough, I was able to recover and build up my activity little by little within the first month post partum.  I knew that I couldn’t change into workout gear, drive down to the gym and crank out my usual routines, which altogether would normally take at least an hour of my day.  In order to stay active and be efficient with my workouts I slowly introduced 10, 15, 20 minute workout sequences into most days of the week (about 4-5 or as time allows).

Now, if you have enough faith in me and many others who claim lofty results after doing such short and intense bursts of exercise, then this challenge is for you.  I'd love for you to join me in this challenge to make  a window to perform simple and functional exercises for as short as 10-15 minutes on the days that you’re extremely short on time.  Note, some exercises are perfect for doing throughout the day as many times as I like, and I spread them out when Selah is napping, when I’m folding laundry and my muscles start feeling stiff, or when I’m sitting down for long periods of time, as an example.  The point of this is to do something rather than nothing through short and excruciatingly (aka “amazingly”, or whatever makes you feel better) intense bursts of cardio or bodyweight exercises The following are some examples of my choice cardio exercises, although they can vary depending on what I feel like doing on a given day.


  • Jump rope intervals:  jump for 1 minute and rest for 30 seconds.  Perform as many times as allowed for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Mountain climbers:  50 repetitions (2 jumps=1 rep) either repeated numerous times at once, or drop to the ground and spread them out through the day—as many times as you desire to get a good cardiovascular push.
  • Burpees:  25 repetitions repeated multiple times after taking a quick rest, or spreading them throughout the day.

It’s that simple!  Although it may not look like much just by reading, this way of exercising is a lot harder than it seems.  It’s not only time efficient, but it’s also a great way to prevent that dreaded “workout rut” and exercise burnout.

Of course, I am still planning and hoping to slowly integrate my other beloved ways of exercising, but these cardio bursts plus bodyweight routines that keep my muscles healthy and toned are my go-to as of now.  One of these days I’ll make sure to put up a video that will show you some of my favorite routines since I don’t know how to explain them, let alone how to name the exercises! Hehe.  I’ve also posted about other workout sequences here, but you may have to sift through them as they all vary so much.

I hope you have a blessed day, and remember that as important as it is to have a healthy body, and as amazing as it feels to be in good shape, it is more so important to pursue a life of love, joy, and peace.

What cardio exercise would you add to this list?  Do you have a favorite go-to exercise like the ones I listed above?

Have you been struggling in the fitness department?  If so, how can my posts help you, or what would you like me to touch upon?

Will you join in this challenge?


Ellie <33