Motherhood Thoughts: Forgiving Others

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April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-124 You know you’re a mom when all you can think of is your precious baby’s safety before your very own.  And you know you’re ready to go home to the Lord if say--God forbid--you were to pass away due to a car accident and nothing matters so long as your angel is safe and sound.

I know that I made the intro sound like something fatal occurred, but last Friday afternoon I was out and about with Selah in the backseat when a four car collision happened, and quite unfortunately we were involved in that accident.  We were on the left lane next to the center divider and there were two cars in front of me waiting to make a left turn.  I stopped behind the 2nd car when all of a sudden the vehicle right behind me crashed into us at about 35-40 mi/hr, and before we knew it we had rammed into the vehicle in front of us, and she did the same with the car in front of her!  It was startling to say the least, and my shock certainly didn’t subside once I heard Selah crying and screaming in the backseat.

We were soon taken to the ER to have Selah checked out because we didn’t want to take any risks at such a young and crucial age (5 weeks at the time).  Thankfully, not much seems to be wrong and even the ultrasound that she got yesterday due to some concerns from her doctor came out clear.  Phew.  For now, we’re trying to monitor her behavior just to make sure that she hasn’t been impacted neurologically because there are some concerning habits that she picked up around that same day, and that’s what her pediatrician suggested as well.  All we can say is that God was truly looking out after us because things could have been much worse!

I have to be honest, though.  When I think about the potential neurological impact that Selah had to endure, I get upset at the woman who ran into us.  And quite frankly, I know that I am nobody to judge her because I could have made the same mistake.  I’m human and I am perfectly capable of running into somebody; however, it isn’t always easy even then, each time I stare into Selah’s perfectly innocent face—this baby that is completely unaware and oblivious to the things in this world.  God is chipping away at my distrust in Him as well as my imperfections.  He is disciplining me in love so that I continue to forgive that lady as many times as it takes because that’s exactly what God does with me and my shortcomings.

You see, I’m normally a very easy going and forgiving person, and seeing this less familiar side of me can be somewhat scary.  I guess that newness comes with the territory of becoming a mother (Mother bear style, haha).  All in all, I can’t help but be grateful knowing that God isn’t finished with me.  I’m a broken piece of pottery waiting to be molded and mended by my Potter’s hands and it’s either all or nothing in this case.  More than anything, I’m beyond indebted to God’s saving hand upon Selah because she is still safe and sound. Smile

As evidenced in the pictures below…hehe.


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April 10-2013 (3 of 3)

Just for kicks! : ) Picture for her 1 month anniversary—she is now 6 weeks!

What new characteristics of yourself have you recently discovered, and how do you respond to them?  (Either desirable or not-so-desirable?)


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