Review of Ballet Body: Core Ultimate Tummy-Tightener DVD

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All throughout my pregnancy I remained as active as my body would allow.  Since I love to get some focused cardio work in at least a few times a week, I attended the gym for the cardio machines from the beginning of pregnancy.  In addition, I followed Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body DVDs and tried to squeeze them in at least twice a week—more or less. However, it is probably not the best idea to perform too much core and ab work when you have a baby living in your womb unless your mission is to squash said baby, so I waited until last week to give the core DVD a try.  I attempted to complete the entire routine without stopping but alas, it was not possible since I’m still getting back in the groove of intense workouts!  Note that I {humbly, ahem} consider myself a rather advanced exerciser since I’ve been consistent for several years, but even then Leah managed to kick my derriere with her amazing “I sort of show how much I’m dying doing these leg lifts because I’m human, but I’ll try my best to remain zen” attitudeAnd that’s one of the reasons I like her because she sometimes shows that she’s struggling too but still keeps her composure, which is a great motivator because someday I hope to be zen like her!

So let’s get to the fun part, shall we?!

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  • The workout is approximately 45 minutes long including the stretching segment
  • Starts off with a standing segment, which has a fluid and somewhat easy to follow speed
  • Mostly includes floor work and some standing exercises
  • Moves are pretty graceful but extremely focused with lots of repetitions
  • The exercises are unique because they entail creative variations of classic exercises like the leg lift
  • The abs are constantly engaged, and the more you pull them in the more you will feel the burn deep in your muscles
  • Intensely works the lower stomach
  • Contains a variety of exercises for the obliques (Although I much prefer working my transverse muscles)
  • As usual it is in voice-over style in a dim lit setting

In conclusion, I do enjoy the Core DVD because it is more creative than other fitness routines I have seen out in the market; however, it is still not as exciting to me as the other DVDs that Leah has to offer.  But that’s just my opinion!  And remember that just because I love all sorts of fitness and like to mix it up with barre/ballet inspired workouts, it does not mean that it is necessarily the case for you.  You might just be a Crossfit junkie, a cardio queen, or a weight lifter.  This is just another wonderful addition to my fit lifestyle. Smile

My choices of her DVDs are in order from favorite to least favorite, and I’ll provide the links in case you are interested in my reviews:

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I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to cook more often these days!  I mean, not only is that ideal when you have an 8 week old baby since we want to avoid her crying at a restaurant, though we have successfully eaten out a few times, but it helps keep our budget somewhat under control.  It’s also good because I am able to cook healthier meals!  But hey, if you want to take me out to lunch then I won’t complain. Winking smile  This was dinner last night.  Oh yes.  It is a healthier and much easier version of one of my childhood favorites, Argentinean Milanesa with a side of Alexia’s chipotle sweet potato fries.

Oh and about that cheese?  Well, I told you that I  still eat a little bit of dairy when I can’t help myself!  Fortunately Selah seems to be doing okay when I consume the occasional dairy.

*Knock on wood*

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And lately hot oatmeal has made a comeback full force after having a love-hate relationship during pregnancy.  Make that fluffy, eggy, chia-fied oats with a drizzle of honey a la Amanda.  Sister, you know your oats and I think I’ve been enlightened!

Selah at 8 Weeks

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Eeeeek!  I love this picture so much!  She’s such a happy baby and rather easy going (for the most part), and seeing her laugh and smile is probably one of the best feelings in the world.  I know that sounds cliche, and I know you are probably tired of all of us moms oohing and aahing over our children, but I sure hope that Selah’s innocent smile will have the same effect on you, hehe.

Like I said before….Everyday I am amazed at how much my heart aches with unconditional love for this child.  The fact that she can’t even lift a finger and accomplishing something as “small” as kicking the toy in her jungle gym makes me feel so proud of her.  Actually, I am so proud of her regardless of what she does and doesn't do, for just being herself and not doing anything other than eat, poop, sleep!

My dear friends, I am learning that just in that same way God loves us simply for being His creation.  Of course, He wants us to actually become His children and call Him "Daddy”, but He still sees you and me with tender and loving eyes.  When we are hurting He is crying with us.  When we are content, He is as happy as can be because that means we are a step closer to trusting Him more. He is with us every step of the way and constantly beckons us to rest in His arms.

Have you tried Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body DVDs yet?  How did you like them?

Do you have core workout routine that you enjoy? 

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten as of late?


Ellie <33