Why I Love These Blogs

by fitforthesoul in

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve come across a blog that I just love to pieces, and it is simply because of the amazing content and fabulous writer behind the blog.  More often than not, I find myself wanting to jump at the screen and hug the writer for countless reasons—whether it be the fact that he/she is an unmatchable baker extraordinaire, a lovely soul with a genuine smile, super witty with her words, reads my mind as if she hijacked into my brain, you name it—they all count as good reasons to be recognized in one form or another. Unfortunately, I can’t physically do that nor can I meet them at the present moment, so I thought it would be a great idea to support them through some blog love.  I hope that after the link-up you will find yourself moseying your way over there!  Enjoy!

// My Food ‘n Fitness Diaries //  Her super informative and honest posts constantly keep me inspired.

// The Tiny Runner //  She recently got married to the love of her life, and let me tell you!  This couple shines so bright with the love of Christ.

// Running with Spoons //  Amanda never fails to come up with the most thought-provoking posts (and tasty snacks), but she is also motivating so many men+women to overcome their struggles.

// Katalyst Health Blog //  Kat is always creating tasty and unique recipes in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.  The best thing is that she opens up so much about her victories as well as her insecurities!

// Wild Pear Blog //  My friend Eunice is an amazing young woman getting ready for marriage!  Not only that, but she recently began to share amazing recipes and photos with her friend Lena.

// Sally’s Baking Addiction //  Need I say more?  Ummmm her drool inducing baked goods just scream “eat me now”!  She is truly talented and passionate about what she does, and that alone inspires me to keep working on my passions—even if they are just hobbies of mine.

// A Beautiful Mess //  These two lovely girls are the mastermind behind a cute and whimsical blog.  They feature all kinds of things ranging from decadent treats to creative decoration ideas for the home.

// Purely Twins //  The beautiful twins’ passion for eating healthfully and working out vigorously is such an inspiration to so many people!

// Roost //  Okay so, can I be more like Coco in terms of her poetic writing, breathtaking photography, gluten free baking, and cool personality?

// MJ and Hungryman //  Her love for God and people around her is enough to make one love “unnie”, as I call her (that means “big sister” in Korean).  But her ever improving photography skills and delicious food keeps me coming back for more as well.

// Vegan Miam //  Rika features amazing vegan recipes and photos!  She also loves to travel and it's like I'm vicariously living through her posts.

What characteristics in a blog/blogger get your attention?

Do you have a blog?  If so, what would you like to achieve through it?

-I definitely want to inspire people to open their eyes and see how valuable and worthy they are in God’s eyes!  Also, I would love to motivate others to eat well, exercise smart, and (hopefully) drool at my recipe creations. (??) Open-mouthed smile


Ellie <33