35 Blessed Years

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I hope you’re all having a stupendous Labor Day Weekend!  Since we have a limited time with Selah whenever we take her outside, we’re not quite sure how far we can manage to travel today for the holidays, but we’re thinking somewhere along the lines of strolling around the beach or Downtown Disney.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly today--unlike last time, hah! I really don’t have a lot of time to write today (lucky for you) so I’ll be posting a few pictures of our Saturday that we spent together with family.  We had a day early celebration for my sister’s 35th birthday.  She’s someone whom I’ve grown to become extremely proud of and grateful for.  I cannot wait to see what beautiful and blessed plans will unfold for you, Unnie!

April 10-2013 (2 of 2)-7

It was also Selah’s first time joining in on a family birthday party!  She seemed to “enjoy” herself because throughout the entire evening she didn’t make a peep and smiled at everyone as they took turns holding her.

April 10-2013 (1 of 2)-7

With her sweet and amazing grandparents whom I love to pieces!  By the way, isn’t my mom such a young looking grandma?  Just sayin’, you know.

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My nephew Daniel was so excited to finally hold Selah as you can tell in his proud look.  Greg thinks that it’s a genius way to get some toddler attention, since a lot of the attention is now inevitably geared towards Selah.  We try to acknowledge everything he does as much as possible, but I guess it’s never an easy transition for a toddler whenever there’s a new addition to the family.

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And to my beautiful sister, friend, and second mother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  And by the way, if you guys are wondering what kind of cake we had, we had some of the best of the best!  It was a blueberry tiramisu cake from Cake House, which actually contained no espresso but still had the essential mascarpone cheese as an ingredient.  Cake House is a Korean bakery that specializes in creating some of the cutest, fluffiest, and lightest cakes.  Korean bakers are quickly becoming known for their amazing baked goods as well as their delicious and unique cake decorations, and next to the Argentinean style of cake like Ricotta cheesecake, these are by far some of my favorite.  Besides, I rarely end up with a stomachache after eating a slice of two, hooray!

Selah at 10 Weeks

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I promise that I don’t mean to take a thousand plus photos of Selah, but I guess motherhood will do that to anybody.  Smile with tongue out  Selah seems to be picking up things rather quickly according to her pediatrician!  For example, we’ve been playing with her until she loses interest and teaching her little tricks, like grabbing her little animal toys on her vibrating chair and bringing them to her mouth.  It is so amazing to see how she copies everything we do and actually accomplishes those things!

Even though we try to encourage her as much as we can whenever she accomplishes something good, we are also trying our best to encourage her when she’s not doing anything special.  One of our life long goals for Selah is to teach her that no matter what she does or doesn’t do, she is still precious, loved, and worthy in our eyes.  Most importantly, we want her to see that she has infinite value in the eyes of God because of His love for her!  Is that a challenging goal?   I think so, especially in this individualistic society!  But we believe it is possible if we keep being consistent.

Now, you can tell that I’ve been having too much fun dressing her up and whatnot.

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How did you deal with the transition of becoming the older child in your family?  Or how did your children cope with that?

What values would you like to instill in your children?  And yourself?

Your favorite cake?


Ellie <33