Labor Day at Hermosa

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I hope you all had a gorgeous Labor Day!!!  Just as we had {sort of} planned yesterday, we did end up going to Hermosa Beach and walked along the pier and boardwalk as we watched people biking and doing their Labor Day thing.  Even if our time there was limited to about 1.5 hours before Selah started to get fussy (hello dirty diapers!), it was pretty amazing to be able to do one of our favorite things as a family. Lucky for us, the weather was somewhat cloudy and not too hot or cold.  Selah had a great time feeling the sea breeze and watching the ocean waves!

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-181

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-182

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-183

After all that was said and done, we were pretty hungry for dinner and headed towards Carson to find an easy and no frills type of restaurant.  Surprising to us, we found ourselves heading to Carson Buffet because we remembered that their food was rather decent when we last ate there with our church.  It is unlike us to eat at a buffet simply because they can be costly for those of us who don’t eat too much at a time.  Well, we realized that it’s only $11.99 per person and for their quality of food, we feel like we get our money’s worth.  Now that’s a win win situation!

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-184

This was my first plate!  Some salad along with mussels, cream cheese wonton that I had to control myself with or else I could have eaten 5 in a row, and a side of hot and sour soup.  It was so fresh and delicious!  Unfortunately soon after we began to eat we had to feed Selah, so I forgot to snap a shot of my second plate full of  more wontons, sushi rolls and dessert.  And…I know what you’re thinking.  Sushi rolls in a buffet?  Sushi rolls in a restaurant where they don’t specialize in it, period?!  Well, Carson Buffet seems to have decent quality of raw fish as opposed to other buffets I have been to.  So my advice to those of you who are new to raw fish is—if you can’t taste any fishiness whatsoever, then you are most likely safe to eat it.  (With the exception of eel and naturally stinky fish, of course)

If you are in the whereabouts of Carson and are looking for a good and inexpensive buffet, then we both highly recommend this one!

Have a great rest of the day!

Did you do anything for Labor Day?

Do you like buffets?


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