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Have you ever thought to yourself, “huhhhh I remember doing fill in the blank and how much I loved it.  I gotta get back into the groove!” It’s funny how things can change over time and life changes as a result.  Some aspects of life seem to take a quick turn on us while others transition ever so slowly, yet one day we act like those things snuck up on us all of a sudden.

These are some of the (big and small) things that I’ve been seriously missing:

1.  DIY projects

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-231

Surely when some of you “witnessed” our wedding and all the DIY décor that my friends and I made, you thought that my blog would turn into a crafty one like that of these amazing ladies’.  Well, growing up my whole family marveled at my creativity and love for making art.  Like, 24/7.  Like, did I have a life other than drawing and making artsy stuff?

I used to make crafts and gifts of all sorts instead of buying them at a gift shop!

Quite sadly, all of that slowly diminished as I became “too busy” to do fun and leisurely activities…

But since today is Selah’s 100th day anniversary, my parents are hosting a simple and traditional Korean celebration at their place.  My mom put me in charge of balloons and some kind of decoration for Selah’s pictures and when I tried to channel my inner little child, I stumbled across this awesome tassel garland project!  It’s so fun and simple to make.  I mean, who knew DIY could be this inexpensive and easy for an ex-DIY-er as myself?

2.  Panera Bread’s salad

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-227

One of my favorite dishes on Panera Bread’s menu is their Fuji Apple Chicken Salad.  I haven’t been there in quite a while and have been experiencing withdrawal, but luckily I found their apple dressing at Albertsons a few weeks ago!  I’ve been drizzling that addictive stuff on all my salads, and this is my favorite combo as of late:  greens, grapes, tomatoes, and sometimes avocado.  I have no words for how delicious it is despite its simplicity.

3.  Regular {real} coffee


Taken with the iPhone

Ahem, so you know that time I was overly excited when I purchased hazelnut flavored coffee at Target?  Well, it was really good indeed, at first….

But then came the time just like every other time when I become obsessed with flavored coffee and I got burnt out on it.  You see, just a few weeks ago Greg bought mocha swirl K-cups because they were on sale.  I enjoyed it for a few days till I started to feel a bit nauseated whenever I smelled the stuff.  I guess regular coffee is where my heart will always be!  And I’m not sure if I’ll go back any time soon either.  It would be an understatement if I said that I was overcome with glee when I took my first sip of this Folgers coffee yesterday…Hehe.

4.  Bars that taste like dessert

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-228

Okay hear me out before you throw that stone!  I know that Luna bars aren’t necessarily the most wholesome snacks out there, but you have to admit that these are pretty darn tasty.  Even though I have my fair share of favorite brands of bars, Luna bars fall in the dessert-like-but-still-holds-me-over category.

It still does a great job in satiating my hunger when I have an extra busy day because of its decent fiber content, and the fact that this carrot cake flavor actually tastes like carrot cake doesn’t hurt either.  In fact, I’m scared that I’ll end up buying too many of these in the future because it really tastes like dessert! Oyyyy.  I’m always on the lookout for amazing snack/protein bars so feel free to recommend me your favorite ones!

5.  Candles

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-229

Greg and I love fragrant candles but haven’t been investing in them lately because they can be so expensive.  Well, yesterday I splurged on this guava tangerine candle while I was grocery shopping at Target.  It’s purely amazing stuff and well worth the price of $12 (ish?).  I wish I could let you sniff it once.

6.  A second car


Taken with the iPhone.  Isn’t it cool how photo apps can make pictures more interesting?!

I hate to sound like a spoiled American when I say that I missed having my own car.  I mean, there are plenty of one-car families even in the US and they seem to fare just fine!  You see, after the vehicle accident and having my car totaled I used Greg’s car whenever he wasn’t using it.  That worked well sometimes, but other times it made it somewhat difficult to freely go out whenever I needed to, and the fact that it’s a stick shift made it more stressful to drive.

Although I can drive it perfectly fine, I always seem to stress out when Selah’s in the car with me (which is all the time really) because I’m constantly thinking of maneuvering the stick.  I don’t consider myself a pro when it comes to that vehicle so if I see a big hill coming up I get extremely fearful that I’ll roll backwards!  Haha.  But I’ve survived as you can see….

And that’s why having the blessing to lease this beautiful car is such a big deal to me!  I am so grateful that we got this done because it means that Selah and I will be out a lot more often. Open-mouthed smile

7.  Missions and homeless ministry



If you’ve been following my blog long enough then you might recall my love for serving and doing volunteer work!  Up until a year ago I was very much involved in service to homeless shelters and church mission trips.  I stayed active in physically helping out whenever I had the opportunity.  Now that I have a 3 month old in my life, which has been one of the most amazing experiences thus far, I don’t have as much leeway to get involved in those things.  For that reason, Greg and I are trying to work something out so that I can volunteer somewhere while he watches Selah for a couple of hours.

Hopefully though…I'll be able to take Selah along with us sooner than later, but I’m sure it won’t be for another couple of months.  Maybe even a year?  The only thing I know is this—that wherever I go and whatever I do will be amazing because of what I make of it.  The only thing that counts is that I do it with a heart full of God’s love and a joyful attitude.  Smile

Have a great day, guys!  And I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet…but this girl has been keeping her schedule of blogging on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday!  Yayyy!

What have you been missing lately?  IT can be random stuff!

Are you a one-family car?  If so, how do you manage everything?

Flavored coffee, yay or nay?

-I enjoy it every now and then but I guess I go through phases!


Ellie <33