Brunch Celebration at Las Brisas

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Hi there!  I hope you’re having a marvelous weekend, and hopefully this confusing weather isn’t driving you batty seeing as how So Cal is still in the 90’s and can’t distinguish between summer and fall!  Surprisingly I’ve been on pretty good terms with the scorching heat this year, but alas, I am more than ready to welcome some cool autumn breeze and everything that this season has to offer. One good thing about this time of the year, though?  A bunch of birthdays lined up for the month of October including mine, and it all starts with my close friend Susan’s birthday which is on the 9th.  In lieu of celebrating it next week she decided to get a bunch of girls together for a breakfast celebration yesterday (Saturday)!  It was such a fun and welcome change since I’ve never experienced a brunch date with my girlfriends, let alone a birthday party at such an early time in the day.



Birthday girl—HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN, love you to pieces!!  (All photos taken with the iPhone)

We met up at Las Brisas which is beautiful seaside restaurant located in Laguna Beach.  They specialize in their breakfast buffet and even offer personalized made-to-order omelets with your favorite ingredients.  Their amazing food can be enjoyed while overlooking the ocean and watching people pass by.  Since it is a beach town, it is extremely common to see people running with their dogs, and I have to admit that seeing that sight made me miss running like crazy!


Obviously Selah joined us in this brunch celebration and had a blast, or so I think?  Thankfully she was rather well behaved and was kind enough to let me eat in peace. Yay for Selah being cooperative! Open-mouthed smile


I definitely could have eaten more than this, but since I had to feed Selah at the same time, I just ended up with this delicious plate and a portion of freshly made waffles.  I asked the man who made my omelet to include spinach, bell pepper, tomatoes, onions, mushroom, and cheese.  It was fluffy and perfectly seasoned!  The two dumpling looking items were basically crepes topped with fruity sauces and filled with ricotta cheese.  They almost reminded me of a lightened up ricotta cheesecake but weren’t quite as sweet—perfect for “dessert” at 9am.

And last but not least, eggs benedict was devoured consumed by me as I got a little too excited since I’ve been craving it for about, oh…I don’t know…almost a year?!  Eggs benedict is one of those dishes that I’ve always wanted to take a stab at making but never came close to even searching for a recipe.  I don’t know what it is about the dish that makes me intimidated to make at home.  I assume it’s the fanciness of its name?

I personally had an amazing time, and the girls will never understand how much I enjoyed our get together, not only because it was Susan’s special day, but also because sisterhood is so beautiful and irreplaceable by any other relationship out there.

And if you're reading this Susan, I am so proud of the woman of God you're becoming and I'm beyond excited to see where He'll take you next!  Enjoy the ride and let Him reveal everything He has in store for you in His perfect timing.

I’m definitely looking forward to going back to Las Brisas for the next special occasion, and I also can’t wait for the surprise (which is really not a surprise anymore) that Greg has for my 26th birthday!  He enrolled us in an Indian cooking class at The Gourmandise in Santa Monica, the same school where I took the cupcake class last year.

Eeeek, I can’t wait!  I apologize if I sound overjoyed, haha.  I’m just not really looking forward to turning 26 though…

What particular dish intimidates you?  Have you attempted to make that dish?

What’s your favorite time to celebrate special occasions?

-I used to think dinner was the best, but now brunch time is a close competitor since I love me some good ol’ breakfast as well.  Dinner is great for the atmosphere while breakfast/brunch is great because of the food. Smile

What are you looking forward to this month?


Ellie <33