Date, BBQ, and Crepes!

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Since having moved from Orange County to the South Bay (LA county) area about a year and a half ago, we’ve reminisced about our old date spots countless times.  Of course, lugging around a whole baby on a date isn’t always the most ideal thing to do, so we took the chance on Tuesday early evening to drop off Selah at my parents’ place.  Soon after we left her there we went on our merry way to the city of Brea/Fullerton to watch a movie. Well, we actually had no desire to watch anything that was playing because all the movies sounded somewhat mediocre…and as soon as we saw one of our favorite parks, Craig Regional Park, we looked no further and took a wonderful stroll there instead of going to the movies.

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This park seriously holds so many memories for us because we used to go almost daily when Greg lived around there!

This photo is still hanging on our fridge : )

Not only that, but we had our Save-the-Date photo shoot done here as well, so taking this picture on the same bridge was definitely a must.

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-314

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As we walked all around the park, and I obviously wasn’t ready due to my high heeled booties but made it a-okay at the end, we noticed that not much has changed.

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So much stayed the same over the year that even the crane (I think it’s a crane?) at the end of the lake was still hanging out in the same exact position—at the same exact spot.  Haha!  It was pretty hilarious.

There’s something truly strange about going back to your old stomping grounds because the nostalgia is still there, yet it feels like you were there ages ago while all your experiences are still so fresh in your mind.  So hard to explain, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about?! Open-mouthed smile

Dinner at Lucille’s BBQ


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By the time we got hungry we drove just a few blocks further to eat at Lucille’s BBQ.  Lucille’s is probably one of our favorite chain restaurants where they serve hearty and delicious food.  But with the dishes that are slightly more expensive than we’d like them to be, along with the fact that we end up with a food coma, we only go every few months.

We started our meal with their infamous fluffy biscuits and went to town on the cinnamon butter.  It is incredibly delicious and definitely a dessert-like treat!


For my main course I ordered their smoked salmon salad which was super hefty on the greens and tomatoes.  It also included feta cheese, fried capers, which I didn’t even know you could fry, and mustard vinaigrette.  I loved this dish because I can eat salmon every single day if I could!  But initially I thought that the “smoked” part of its name meant that it would be the lox bagel kind of salmon.  Well, this is a BBQ restaurant after all, Ellie, so real smoker fish is what you get!


Greg’s main course was amazing as well!  He had their brisket with an amazing brothy sauce on the side, as well as mac ‘n cheese and mashed potatoes.  Hehe…you could say I had a few bites of his meal.  Open-mouthed smile We both highly recommend Lucille’s brisket and tri tips because they’re always cooked to perfection.  They’re never that greasy and the texture is succulent and tender.

Of course, since no dinner date is complete without dessert, we hit up another favorite of ours:  Crepes de Paris on Birch Street.

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They have so many great options at Crepe de Paris so it was a really hard pick.  We went with the crepes that include caramelized banana slices, a light drizzle of caramel, a side of ice cream and chantilly cream.  Although we watch what we eat on most days, we usually let ourselves loose when we eat out.  So Greg suggested that we add Nutella to it.  Hey, we only get to do this every so often you know?!

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It was amazing to have this time together because as weird as it sounds, we try to put our marriage first before anything else!  In our opinion, a happy marriage=happy children.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before our next date!

 Are you a fan of crepes?  If so, what kind do you go for?

Is date night/alone time together of great importance in your relationship?  How do you keep it up?

-We definitely try because it’s important to look after our marriage, and even though it’s not easy right now we’re sure that it will get easier as Selah gets older.

How do you feel when you go to the areas where you used to hang out at?


Ellie <33