Farmer's Market with Selah+Squash Love

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The last time I went to a farmer’s market was several months when I was still pregnant and my belly was way full! Today was Selah’s first time joining me at Wilson Park’s farmer’s market outing, and though it was a short one, it was really nice to soak up the sun together.  I’ll let most of the iPhone pictures do the talking. Smile



One of the first booths I came across was this one which sold mini bundt cakes filled with frosting in the center.  The nice lady at the Dolce Monachelli’s booth quickly convinced me to try their Italian Butter Rum cake and it was delicious!  It sort of reminded me of cakes that I grew up eating when I was in Argentina.  However, I wanted something lemony since it is one of my favorite flavors ever, so it didn’t take me long to buy their citrus cake and carrot cake, both filled with cream cheese frosting.



I purchased this beautiful kabocha squash almost twice the size of my face, and you can say that I was a wee bit excited!  Hehe.  Well, that would be an understatement.


I also got a deal and ended up with three of these gigantic tomatoes.



After cleaning the house I was so ravenous and just couldn’t wait to crack open this beauty!



I basically broiled the squash slices and ate them up on their own—because they’re just that creamy, nutty, and sweet without the help of any condiments.  But of course, being the nut butter lover that I am I finished them off with almond and peanut butter.  Yummmmmoohh!farmers8

Then the bundt cakes stared at me in all their rich and decadent glory, so I took a few bites of both, hah!  I truly loved both of them but the lemon one was spot on with that hint of citrus.  The cake texture is fantastic as it’s fluffy and soft.  And the frosting?  Not too sweet and to die for.

The carrot bundt was really good as well…very dense and quite chunky, just how I like most cakes of this kind.  However, I felt like it was missing a bit more flavor and didn’t have that oomph, so the winner is definitely the citrus cake.  If any of you are interested in this bakery’s tasty goods, then make sure to stop by Wilson Park in Torrance or their store, which is located in the city of Orange.

Do you prefer soft or dense cakes?

-I prefer a dense texture with lots of chunks, but flavor wise my favorites tend to come in soft cake form!

Do you find that farmer’s market produce is cheaper than at the store? 

-I’m not always so sure…sometimes they seem like it, especially if the salesperson is being generous.  But other times they don’t seem to differ all that much.


Ellie <33