Food Trends that Actually Work

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I think it’s pretty obvious that most things in life run on trends, and most of them happen in cycles throughout different generations.  Take fashion for example. But instead of focusing on fashion trends (which would be a fun topic)  I’d like to focus on health food trends that work for ME.  I first started reading blogs around the winter of 2010 and I’ve learned a huge amount of information on what’s out there in terms of health-related things.  I’m not  sure if I was a bit late to the whole topic regarding health foods, but it seems like certain foods have gained overnight popularity from the masses thanks to social media…and it seems like they are here to stay for a good while!

Ever since the day I immersed myself in the food and fitness blogosphere, I’ve come to try a massive my fair share of these things and I can honestly say that they work for me.  I’ve come to love them so much that I include them in my everyday life as evidenced below! Open-mouthed smile

1.  Chia seeds

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When I first saw them on Angela’s site and noticed how much she used them in her cooking, I decided that I should give them a try.  After all, the health benefits that experts attribute to chia seeds seemed to outweigh the strange “ant-looking” appearance they sport.  When I finally tried them in oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt, I was immediately sold on the rave reviews!  I am one of those people who adore “interesting” food textures, so the way that it thickens everything up is one of my main reasons for consuming it on a daily basis.  Not only that, but the extra fiber definitely helps me with regularity. (TMI, I’m sorry!)

2.  Overnight oats

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Just before I discovered the amazingnes that overnight oats are, I used to eat heavy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Breakfast would normally consist of leftover spaghetti, Korean Bulgogi that my mom cooked early in the morning, kimchi stew with a big bowl of rice….You get the idea.  Needless to say, this way of eating wasn’t necessarily unhealthy nor detrimental to my health, but it definitely didn’t help me in staying awake throughout the day!  I always felt sluggish and tired on my way to school and I didn’t want to feel like that anymore.

So once again, I saw the wonders that oatmeal can do for the body when I took my first spoonful of overnight oats.  In my opinion it is such a great breakfast choice—it is light but hearty enough to help me tackle the day ahead of me.

And let’s not forget that oatmeal is highly recommended for breastfeeding women as it is known to keep up the milk supply. Smile

3.  Nut & seed butter

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I used to be one of those people who truly truly disliked peanut butter.  Perhaps it’s the fact that Argentineans aren’t necessarily big on nut butters…Or maybe it’s because my taste buds have evolved quite a bit as I got older, but after trying it on top of my oats, pancakes, and every other food that I came across, I got instantly hooked!

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It would be a huge understatement to say that I just like nut/seed butters because I have a whole stash in my fridge.  Also, I think we’ve come a long way in our foodie creativity and I appreciate the fact that there are at least 100 different versions of the stuff!

Nut/seed butters make for delicious toppings, and the more “dessert-y” kinds satisfy my sweet tooth for the time being (not that I still don’t get my share of cupcakes and pastries, hehe).  They also provide a good amount of protein with every snack I eat which is a huge plus.  Even though the amount of protein isn’t way up there, the truth is, our bodies don’t actually need as much protein as many fitness enthusiasts claim.  Unless you are at the level of being a top notch athlete you are probably getting enough protein in most of your meals.

4.  Alternative/vegan milk

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Despite my undying love of cow’s milk, I am beyond grateful I have the privilege to buy an alternative to that.  Not only is it fun to try different products and brands out there, but it’s also great for when I’m in the mood to make vegan food.  I have to admit that it is pretty nice to lower the calories in a dish if it rends the same results.  I mean—hey—if you aren’t obsessing over the numbers and have the means to lower your calorie intake without sacrificing the taste, then I say go for it!

But obviously some dishes need to be made with cow’s milk!  Trust me, I’ve had way too many kitchen fails so I know about this all too well. Smile with tongue out

Another reason why I love almond milk???  Simply because I want to balance my dairy intake if I can help it.  Keep reading on to the next point if you don’t know what I mean.

5.  Greek yogurt

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I probably consume way too much greek yogurt on a daily basis, hence my last point on #4.

It’s true, guys!  All the rave reviews on greek yogurt are pretty spot on in my honest opinion.  Greek yogurt provides an easy way to eat a hearty snack in the middle of the day, especially when it’s drowned in delicious toppings like fruit, nut butter, and granola.  Mmmmmmm.

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I personally feel like it fills me up quite well, and it keeps my hunger at bay until the next meal without the effects of feeling sluggish and stuffed to the brim.

6.  Avocado & healthy fats

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The first time I heard about healthy fats I scoffed at the idea of there being an unhealthy type of fat since I thought they were all equal to each other.  As you can see that thought process has been dominated by my love for avocados.  I even include them in desserts like this cake! They not only taste amazingly rich and wholesome, but I promise you it keeps my hair super strong!  I never had thin hair to begin with, but I’ve been noticing a slight difference in the health and shine of my hair.  This is particularly a big deal for the post-partum mom, because all the changes mom goes through can take a toll on her overall health—including dry and brittle hair.

I could go on and on about this stuff, but these are the main ones that come to mind!

Have a beautiful day and talk to you soon!

What food trends have worked for you?  And which ones do you think are just hype?


Ellie <33