Good Eats+How to Get Involved this Christmas

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Good morning and happy Tuesday to you! As most of you already know, I am all about moderation with most things in life, and that philosophy certainly includes what I eat on a daily basis.  Yesterday’s eats entailed way too much good stuff so without further ado, let me introduce you to Monday’s meals!


April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-306

Since I love eating a wholesome, satisfying, and sweet breakfast to start my day, yesterday I decided that my even better gf banana muffins would do the trick.  Make that not just the plain muffin by itself, although I certainly love it just the way it is, but topped with greek yogurt, cottage cheese, blueberries, and the last of my pecan butter.

I don’t know what it is about topping and drizzling my breakfast items with all these ingredients—but I’m starting to think that the more I venture out into the blog world the stranger I become.  But what can I say?  I’ve never been a picky eater anyway so anything on this planet tastes delicious to me.

Afterwards, I had my quiet time with God since Selah ended up napping for a good while.  All I can say is that it was refreshing and it gave me power to seize the day despite any mental challenges I came across.

LunchApril 10-2013 (1 of 1)-305

As per usual, lunch was a mix of things because it’s not necessarily my favorite meal, though I appreciate it and I’m thankful that I can have lunch.  I toasted a slice of Ezekiel Bread with cheese and laid some spinach, tomato from the farmer’s market trip (they’re lasting me forever since they’re so gigantic), a runny egg of which you can’t see the yolk, and the obligatory Sriracha sauce.  It’s a rare occurrence that I don’t drizzle or dip my food in something spicy and this habit is only getting worse.  Yikes!

On the side I had some sweet potato tortilla chips with extra hot salsa.  I told you it’s getting worse…

Afternoon snack

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-304

Before this delicious bowl happened, I spent a chunk of time grocery shopping, playing with Selah, and exercising for 20 minutes at the “BARRE”.   I put it in-between quotation marks because I use a little foldable chair in lieu of a real barre, which works just as well!

So back to this bowl.  It’s not anything revolutionary to most you, but when you’re tired from an active day it’s definitely life changing!

This bowl contains Fage greek yogurt--which I just love for its thick texture—banana slices, blueberries, Kind Granola, cinnamon and sunflower seed butter.

Right after snacking I teamed up with Greg and cleaned around the house, although he did most of the hard cleaning….oops!  And thank you so much, dear!

Since Greg’s off day is still on Mondays, he decided to power through half of his day buffing the floors, dusting the blinds, and so much more.  Selah was having a rather fussy day so I picked up throughout the house while carrying her on the Baby Bjorn.


iPhone picture from a few weeks ago. : )  I’d let you pinch her cheeks if you were here.

It was definitely a workout to say the least!  Constantly squatting down to carefully pick things up can be rather challenging when a 15 lb. baby is hanging on to you.  Hah!



Poopy orange lighting—taken with the iPhone

We wanted to get out of the house for a good while, so Greg suggested that we eat Mexican food at La Capilla in Old Town Torrance.  La Capilla is constantly busy but you never have to wait for a long time, and that’s a big plus when we don’t know if Selah is going to cooperate or not.

Their food is like the standard Americanized Mexican cuisine but it’s darn tasty!  I’m not sure if their other dishes are good, but we always go with their burrito and enchilada so that’s all I can review.  Their portions are big enough for two people to share and actually end up satisfied.  The prices are really hard to beat as well!  A huge plate like this one costs roughly $9 and the meat quality is pretty good.

I got the chicken enchilada with the side of cheesy beans and ended up taking the rest home.  The chicken was extremely tender, and so was the carne asada in Greg’s burrito.  However, I do have to admit that their rice isn’t the most flavorful I’ve tried, but I still enjoyed it since it was soft and moist.

If you ever find yourself in the South Bay area of LA, I highly recommend La Capilla!

Operation Christmas Child

In case you weren’t aware of this amazing project called OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD, then let me quickly describe what it is about. 

Operation Christmas Child is a project run by the Christian organization known as Samaritan’s Purse, and they hold an annual shoebox drive for children in need from all over the world!  Due to the sad reality that millions of children don’t meet their basic needs on a daily basis, let alone they don’t have much to look forward to on Christmas day, this amazing organization collects shoe boxes filled with toys, candy, and hygienic items from people like you and me.

If you’d like to be a part of this great cause to bless a child this Christmas season, then head on over to this website to get the details!  It is truly simple to get involved and the reward that you receive will be far greater than you could ever imagine!  So many children have not only turned their lives to Christ because of this, but they began to understand the fact that THERE IS HOPE for them in this scary world.  Their lives are forever changed because they know that somebody cares for them…Will you be that somebody this Christmas? Smile

Note, however, that you have to hurry because their collection dates run from November 18-25.

I also understand that not all of us have the same beliefs, so please don’t feel the least bit guilty from this post.  There are thousands of ways that you can volunteer and help people in your community; the key is to find what works for you. Open-mouthed smile

Do you have a morning routine?

-Although I may not be working at the moment, I still have somewhat of a routine in the mornings.  Usually I wake up to feed Selah, bring her to the kitchen with me and turn on the Keurig.  I make breakfast for me and Greg afterwards, and work on my devotional and spend time with God if Selah is napping.  Otherwise, I do it whenever I have free time.  Rarely do I actually sit down in front of the computer in the mornings since she seems to be a morning bird. Hehe.

Are you a fan of Americanized ethnic restaurants?  Or do you HAVE to go to a place that serves only the original?

-I certainly enjoy the real stuff!  But I’m not picky so as long as it tastes good, I’m a happy camper.

What is your experience with volunteering?  Would you like to get started in the near future?


Ellie <33