Eating Solids: 5 Months

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A few posts ago I mentioned I was going to start Selah on solid food two Mondays ago, but between things coming up and my forgetting to buy baby utensils, I postponed it until last Saturday. April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-342

We’ve been using the Gerber Graduates spoon!  It’s great because the tip is soft and has an built-in spoon rest so it doesn’t touch the table.

She has now been eating baby cereal with 1 tsp of breast milk (I use Earth’s Best) for 4 days straight, and although it hasn’t been that long since we started I have a pretty good idea in that she seems to like real food!  The first day was surprisingly the best and the easiest.  You should have seen how my hands were shaking and my heart beating from the excitement and nerves about “letting her go”.  Haha!

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-341

As soon as she saw the bright colored bowl and spoon, she yelled out with glee and couldn’t wait to get her hands on the good stuff.  The spoon slowly made its way to her mouth and when it touched her lips she chomped on the spoon, grabbed it, and started sucking on the rice cereal.  You might have seen an evidence of this on my Instagram. Smile

Since Selah turned 5 months on that very same day, she was still trying to discover how to swallow effectively.  I would say that out of the 2 tsp of cereal I fed her she actually swallowed about 1 tsp in total.  It was seriously one of the coolest things I had ever done, and I have a feeling Selah thought so too.  Every time I took the bowl away because I thought she was satisfied she yelled as if she was saying, “I ain’t done yet, foo!  Don’t touch a baby’s food.  Where the stuff at??!” 

The next day things didn’t go quite as smoothly as the first, and at the moment I had no idea why.  She got a bit fussy and whiny every time I put the spoon to her lips.  After a while it finally dawned on me!  I realized that I changed the routine on her because the first day I fed her right before making breakfast.  However, the second day I waited till after I was finished with my food, and by that time she was already tired and ready to nap since that is her usual morning cycle.  Naturally her cranky mood didn’t help in the process, which I’m extremely glad I figured out because the 3rd day as well as today everything went swimmingly!

I decided to thicken the cereal up a bit today and she seemed to enjoy that a lot more than runny cereal.  Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t flow out of her mouth as easily, or maybe it’s because she relates the liquid texture to breast milk and feels that liquids should only be eaten at the breast…But one thing I’m sure of is that she definitely likes her food a bit on the warmer side, so I’ll keep feeding her thick cereal for a few more days.

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Then, we’re probably going to move on to either homemade pureed vegetables alone, or a mixture of rice, carrots, celery, peas for protein, and mayyyyyybe a tiny bit of finely ground meat.  For now I’m just trying to take it easy and go with the flow, which is what I do best since I don’t like too much structure and the thought of meeting expectations is more stressful for me.

You may have noticed that I’m feeding her on the rocking chair.  I am still on the lookout for some good high chairs that are easy to clean and don’t take too much space.  All the products I’ve seen so far with awesome reviews, like the OXO Sprout and the Boon Flair are really pricey!  So that calls for more research on my part.

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I have seriously been missing some time spent with girls, so yesterday we visited my sister and nephew Daniel.  Selah was ready for some fun and requested that I dress her up like this!  Okay okay, so I’m one of those moms who totally dress their babies up even when they’re crying and kicking their shoes off, hah!  But I figure that I can only do this for so long until she makes her own choices, so I might as well enjoy it while I can, right?  Open-mouthed smile

The adorable red beanie and moccasins are from Baby Gap, both of which I got on sale since Gap was having a 30% off deal from items that were already on sale.  Score!

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Breakfast today featured my foolproof pumpkin oatmeal pancakes and guess what!  I thought I was going to get tired of them but I’ve been making it almost every single day since I posted the recipe.  I guess the level of ease and short time that it takes to make keeps me going back for more.

I hope you have a blessed day and thank you for reading!

If you have kids and already fed them solids, what was your experience like?  Do you have recipe suggestions?

Do you normally try to get things on sale?  Or is it hard to wait and end up getting it anyway?

-Usually I’m pretty good at waiting/looking for sale items, but once in a great while I give in rather quickly.

Does structure or going with the flow give you more stress?  

-Normally I do better with less structure, particularly when it comes to the big decisions/issues in life.  I’m not sure if it’s due to my faith in Christ--and I’m not suggesting that we should have blind faith either--but I’ve learned to just let things be because He’ll take care of the rest if I just do my best.  Aaaaand I promise I wasn’t trying to rhyme there, haha.  I think in general, I don’t like too much structure because of my personality.  But sometimes I wonder if it’s more “carefree” or “careless”?


Ellie <33