How to Start Shaping Up Before Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is almost upon us here in the US, which is a huge YAY for most of us!  Everything from the amazing food, family gatherings, volunteer opportunities, to the joyous and festive atmosphere, makes me quite excited for the upcoming holiday. But let’s be honest here…as much as we all love this amazing day of celebration, most of us have this annoying itch in the back of our minds reminding us things like:

  • You’ll gain what feels like 20 lbs. overnight because you indulged at every family dinner.
  • What’s the use of eating healthy and working out if I’m going to go overkill on Thanksgiving anyway?
  • Okay, so today my mom brought me way too many pastries.  I’ll start dieting tomorrow (not that I condone actual “dieting”)
  • This chilly weather is making me want to bundle up on the couch and not move a single muscle.

Yes, we’ve all been there and done that--including myself.  Now, I’m not about to endorse “dieting” like crazy and working out like a beast every single day just so that you can have that slice of pumpkin pie.  No, no, no!  Because to be brutally honest, errrrr I actually hate the word “dieting” because it normally implies starving your body of good nutrients, and it gives me the notion that everything is done for only aesthetic reasons at the risk of your true healthObviously there is nothing wrong with wanting to attain a fitter and leaner physique, but I truly believe that as we become healthy from the inside via good nutrition and exercise, we will ultimately attain a leaner body as a result.  It’s pretty much unavoidable when you focus on a balanced diet and a sustainable lifestyle.  Smile

And as much as the title may seem misleading to you guys, I assure you that it’s not!  I’m here to remind you that today is the day to do something in regards to health and fitness.  Instead of waiting for post-Thanksgiving and running 20 miles the next day, why not start taking baby steps today up until Thanksgiving?  And then after that, I assure you that the endorphins running through your veins will become so addicting for your mind and body that you’ll probably crave working out!  I know, it sounds crazy, right?

What I’m trying to get at here is the fact that it’s not just about that holiday trying to sabotage your waistline, though it sometimes does--nor is it about crash dieting and overworking yourself just because you’re indulging more than usual…it’s about doing something small for yourself so that you’ll keep up with an active lifestyle little by little instead of killing yourself, becoming discouraged, and giving it up altogether.

As you know me by now, I’m all about short and sweet workouts that allow you to spend more time with your loved ones instead of being stuck at the gym all day.  So I bring you this super easy looking cardio HIIT, which actually isn’t easy at all once you go through it once.  And in my humble opinion, it is effective and straight to the point.  Just performing something like this a few times a week will increase your cardiovascular health, metabolic speed, and as a result, you’ll end up burning fat while sculpting lean looking muscles.

So my dear friends, let’s remember that it’s not about overworking ourselves but rather, taking reasonable steps with great consistency because that type of lifestyle is sustainable for life…and unless you’re training for a competition, it probably isn’t the best thing for your body to crash diet and over train.  That’s my two cents and I welcome any opinions you may have! Open-mouthed smile

With that in mind, start your fitness journey (or continue it) by doing this cardio workout because it’s as challenging or as easy as you make it to be, all depending on your modifications.   #ihavenoshame #wellkindoffeelshysayingthat


Always remember to warm up and cool down at the end.  And most importantly, stretch those muscles like there’s no tomorrow!

Have a blessed day and take care!

Do you tend to work out more to compensate for indulgent foods?

-Every now and then I kick up the challenge if I’ve been indulging way too much, but I definitely think it’s unhealthy to do it every single time we eat dessert.  I don’t think it’s good for the mind because it can trigger an unhealthy relationship with food and self image.

How do you pursue your fitness habits during the holidays?  Is it something you think about, or do you completely forget about it?


Ellie <33