November Favorites

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I hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving and had the opportunity to set aside some time to stop, breathe, relax, and count your blessings.  And as for myself?  I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better day because from start to finish everything went so smoothly that I took it as a “gift” from Selah….hahaha. So these are my favorite things this November, and Thanksgiving was obviously one of them!

1.  Good reads and family

Selah slept in for at least 1 hour longer than usual, so I had a chunk of quiet time and was able to even read several pages from this amazing book by Francis Chan!  It’s titled Forgotten God and in my opinion, a must-read when you need a good reminder in how to pursue a spirit filled lifestyle.


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I just love watching daddy+baby playtime.  It makes my heart melt again and again!  But then again, I’m probably not the only mom who feels that way, right?

April 10-2013 (3 of 4)-3

So due to the not-so-little accident right before Thanksgiving, we changed things up last minute and instead of hosting it at our house we asked my sister if we could do it at hers instead.  Thankfully she was all for it and did a great job with the last minute change-up.

My almost blistered hand also meant that I couldn’t cook much or do anything heavy duty, so I just made a few easy sides including Julie’s simple pineapple souffle with a few modifications.  I loved the fact that I barely had to use my hand and all I needed were my finger tips in order to stir the ingredients with the spatula, hah!  It was so delicious and satisfying that even my dad thought it was one of the best things on the table.

April 10-2013 (1 of 4)

That is--along with my creamed corn which I totally improvised and was surprised at how good it turned out.  I find it really odd that improvised recipes are sometimes the best ones!  Anybody had that experience before?  I’m not kidding when I say that this was spoon finger lickin’ good….so I can’t help myself but to share the recipe with you soon.  Deal?

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Family.  I feel such an honor to be a part of this family!  This month has been yet another reminder that I should be grateful for the blessing of family, and unfortunately not everyone gets the opportunity to experience that, you know?  And what’s even better than having them in my life is the fact that they’re all changing for the better each and everyday.  I can see an ever-growing twinkle of love in their eyes, and witnessing how they’re able to maintain their peace during tough trials gives me so much joy!!!

2.  Camera gear

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-292

If it looks like the family photo up above is much much better than our previous ones, then that’s because it is much better…And I have this Targus tripod to thank because it was so much easier to snap a timed photo right before Selah started her “I’m so tired but can’t fall sleep” crying episode.  Smile with tongue out

3.  Being a kid again—aka jumping rope and using other fitness equipment

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Most of you know about my fitness philosophy and how I adore simple home workouts (there’s a vlog here if you’re interested).  I often find that cardio is a tricky one if you want to incorporate it at home sans the treadmill, stepmill, and all that good stuff.  In order to remedy that little dilemma I’ve been extremely happy to welcome the kettle bell and jump rope back in my life!  I have a few simple but excruciatingly effective workouts in store for you, and I can honestly tell you that they’ve been doing wonders for me personally.

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I know I know.  It sounds boastful of me to say that, but heyyyyyyy I can’t lie if those workouts are effective, right? Open-mouthed smile  People say that sharing is caring, so be on the lookout for some fun stuff next week. By the way, I’m also wondering if there’s any fitness related subject that you’d like me to touch upon—perhaps you have some routines in mind, or some particular muscle groups you have trouble targeting? 

I’m definitely no fitness guru but I just love to help people out in that regard!  I also like to think that throughout my fitness journey I’ve learned to be creative with routines that rend results in a short amount of time…so I guess I’m giving myself the license to share them with you, teehee.

4.  Food


Have you guys tried Dannon’s caramel macchiato greek yogurt?  Now first hear me out.  I normally prefer the “real” stuff when it comes to yogurt like the plain kind or the ones with some fruit on the bottom…But when I tried this caramel macchiato flavored one I went head over heels.  It really does taste like coffee and surprisingly it’s not as sweet as I expected, but I would still consider this more of a dessert type of yogurt.

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As much as I love to spend time in the kitchen it doesn’t always end up being an easy task with Selah, so these days I end up using a lot of things like pre-made seasoning to make large batches of food.

5.  Great deals fashion website



I recently stumbled upon Groop Dealz and it’s filled with beautiful boutique-inspired items at a super low price.  There are a lot of great options for jewelry and it’s been my go-to website for buying pretty gifts!  Hopefully this website doesn’t lead to the demise of my wallet.  Open-mouthed smile

Are you an online shopper?  What sites do you recommend for online shopping?

Do you incorporate the jump rope in your routines?

What are your favorite things this month?


Ellie <33