Plantain and Kettle Bells

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The first time I tried plantains was about 3 years ago at Felix, a Cuban restaurant located in the city of Orange.  Ever since that wonderful gastronomic experience I fell in love with the vegetable and prepared it a handful of times at home. But you know how it goes…sometimes the things you love fall on the wayside of your memory and you come back to it months or years later!

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Good thing I came across a bunch of plantains the other day, because whenever I saw the awesome twins’ Instagram feed my mouth would water at the thought of grilled plantains.  Yummmm!

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This morning, I decided to cook them in coconut oil to bring out the natural tinge of sweetness in this veggie.  And the usual suspects were also there of course, like sunflower butter, blueberries, greek yogurt, and one of the most delicious granola flavors I’ve ever tried—Kind’s dark chocolate cranberry.  If you haven’t tried their stuff yet, I highly recommend you do so asap. Open-mouthed smile

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This beautiful breakfast was so scrumptious and satisfying, indeed.

I did some reading on the benefits of plantain, and according to Livestrong they are considered to be a super food.  I know I know, that whole term in itself is a bit paradoxical, because I believe that most foods in their purest and freshest form can be medicinal and great for our health.

However, plantains definitely seem to have a lot to boast about!  They are a powerhouse of nutrients such as Vitamin C, Beta Carotene for eye health, Calcium, and Fiber, which helps regulate bowel movements.  And I can attest to the fact that the last nutrient lives up to its name in this amazing vegetable.  How do I know?  Ahem well, I just do, okay?! Open-mouthed smile

So yes.  I found my love for plantains once again and I’m planning to stock up this week because they’re just that delicious!  Note, it’s not the most pleasant thing to consume in its raw form and I know because I tried.  Hah!

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I also re-discovered the amazing benefits of the kettle bell this week!  For the past year or so it was buried underneath the mess in the trunk of my old car, and when I saw it lying around the house I thought I’d take a stab at it and get the feel of it once again.

Back in the days when I only performed HIIT circuits at home, I regularly included the kettle bell to build some muscle and work on my cardio.  Although it may seem strange to use the kettle bell for cardio, it actually makes me gasp for breath like crazy and gets me wound up every time!

All I did yesterday was a 15 minute circuit of kettle bell swings and pushup burpees, which left me pretty sore.  I’m not certain how often I’ll be incorporating this piece of equipment in my weekly rotation, but I think it’s a great way to switch it up on my non-barre days, because sometimes I like to feel tough rather than just poised, if you know what I mean.

Have a beautiful day and talk to you soon!

Have you tried the kettle bell before?  If so, how has it affected you in terms of health and fitness?

What food have you recently discovered that does wonders for your health? 


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