Selah's {And My} Top Picks

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The last time Greg’s parents visited us from Kansas was when Selah was born, and boy did they spoil love her beyond our expectations (which isn’t a bad thing)!  Growing up as the only child, Greg was naturally the one they would look to for a beautiful little grandkid in the future.  They were really good about not rushing us to have a baby, even though I knew that deep inside they just couldn’t wait to hold a baby in their arms, hah! Well, when that long awaited time finally arrived as they became grandparents, they went all out and gifted Selah some really cool and much needed items!  Some of the ones featured in this post are from them, like #1-3 and 8.  So up until then I was hoping to just “wing it” and not have to rely on too many products to entertain Selah or help her to sleep; however, the moment I put her in some of these contraptions like the vibrating rocker chair, I was immediately sold on the fact that although they weren’t necessities, they certainly helped in keeping my sanity (and sleep) intact!

I was hoping to do everything the old school way because that’s just the way I grew up.  None of this was available back in the late 80’s in Argentina, where I was born, and in my eyes I think I turned out just fine without all these luxury items.

*awkward silence*  Ahem, moving on.

It may seem like I’m being biased in saying this, but I really don’t feel like Selah has been a “difficult” baby at all in the grand scheme of things.  I mean, she is obviously a baby and expresses her needs just like any baby would, but overall she seems to have an easy going personality which I truly appreciate.  And to make those days that were and still can be a bit more challenging than others, I freely rely on these products because hey, why not use them while they’re still good, right?! Winking smile  At this point I’m just hoping that all these companies will come up with something just as good for toddlers and teenagers.  Haha!  I’m just kidding.

Not only do I love the fact that these things help me stay sane when Selah doesn’t want to sleep, but she seems to enjoy them so much because she’s able to learn and have fun at the same time.  But I promise you guys, I wasn’t compensated for this post as much as I seem to love Fisher Price.  Up until now I had no idea that numbers 1-3 were from that company!  Okay, so let’s cut to the chase.

baby items

1.  This Infant to Toddler Rocker has a light vibrating motion and it helps newborns fall asleep rather easily.  The vibration along with the rocking motion makes it seem as if they’re still in the womb, so it’s really good!  It’s also great for seating your precious little babe while you’re cooking, cleaning, etc., and it is highly portable, which makes it ideal for taking to relatives’ homes and such.

2. We just got the Laugh and Learn Jumperoo and Selah has been loving it so much!  It brings us soooo  much joy and laughter as we watch her smile and learn to touch the toys.  Sometimes it even looks like she’s riding the bus on a bumpy road.

3.  The Deluxe Cradle Swing is literally a lifesaver, and I’m sure most of you moms can say the same thing if you have a baby swing.  Smile  On the days when Selah used to get some acid reflux, or if she simply got fussy for unknown reasons, we would put her in the swing and she would immediately calm down and sleep.  As she passed her 12 week mark, I slowly transitioned to letting her sleep in it for no more than 3 hours because I know she will soon outgrow it altogether.

4.  Selah has a growing “book collection” ranging from the touch and learn type books all the way to a Beginner’s Bible.  Despite the controversy over how much a baby can understand and soak up when you read to her, I tend to side with the philosophy that speaking and reading to baby as much as possible can never be a bad thing!  That is, unless, it makes her into a super talkative individual in the years to come, hehe.  Reading this kind of book to her gives me assurance that she is benefitting from it at least a little bit, and what’s even cooler is the fact that I get reminded of certain things in the Bible as well.  It’s really funny how sometimes I find myself tearing up just from reading a little story, all because I’m reminded of how amazing God’s love is!  So moms out there, get books that both of you will enjoy.

5.  Baby Einstein never appealed to me until my sister showed Selah some clips.  It is basically a bunch of random kids, objects, and puppets popping up on the screen with some music in the background, but it’s amazing how it holds her attention for at least 10 solid minutes.  We spend time together watching it every now and then so she can get used to seeing other babies and colorful things doing random stuff.

6.  One way of getting babies to be active from a very early age seems to be the gym mat, and we have the Twist & Fold Jungle Gym Mat.  Selah has been loving it since day 1, and she still enjoys grabbing and eating her “jungle pals”, as I like to call them.  Whenever she starts getting frustrated at them or the hanging mirror I ask her, “is that little baby being an impostor?”  Haha yeap, I’m an odd mommy and my imagination truly runs wild sometimes!

7.  As simple as this Crinkley Teether Book may look, it is such a great and inexpensive invention to keep your baby entertained!  The crinkley noise that it makes is fascinating to Selah, and she loves to play with it whenever I’m eating, cooking, and driving the car.  You see, for some weird reason she has always hated being in the car.  There are times when she cries our ears off, but she’s slowly getting better as she gets older and this little toy keeps her busy whenever we hit traffic.

8.  I just adore the way she smiles when I crank the music on the “Jesus Loves Me” Plush Lamb!  It seems to help her stay calm and entertained whenever I’m getting ready to go out.  I just put her on the bed, crank the music, and let her play with it as she constantly smiles at it.  I am also a lover of all things lamb and can’t stand how cute they look!

9.  By now you’ve probably seen a bunch of pictures of Sophie the Giraffe on Instagram and other blogs, but there’s a reason for that.  This giraffe ring is somewhat malleable and easy to chew on, and the best thing is that Selah can easily hold it and put the ring in her mouth.  If it ever seems like she’s crying because of her gums, I give her Sophie and all is well—for the most part.  Open-mouthed smile

And I’m sorry about this, but I just have to share the cuteness with you all!  Ay ay ay…I’m such a mom and you can blame me for being biased if you want, but I just fall in love with her deeper as each day goes by.  Greg feels the same way and it’s amazing how our seemingly limited human love can suddenly become so limitless.

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-327

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-326

She’s finally grabbing her toes!  I always try to photograph her with pants on, but this event called for a picture in case I wouldn’t catch it for a long while!  It was an emergency, you see.

If you have children, which baby items have been revolutionary in your household?

If you want children in the future, do you plan on using as much help from these things?  If not, why?


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