The Cure for Discontentment

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Ever wonder why you often feel depressed, useless, purposeless, and like a downright failure? Yes, yes?  So you say that you’ve been there, huh?  Well, I’ll throw my name in there too because I’ve been there with you!

This morning I was scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed and stumbled upon this wonderful lady’s post which featured these concise yet powerful words:


And she followed that up with a super powerful verse from James 3 in the Bible.

Now, I’m not about to preach to you (or so I hope—bear with me!) so don’t click exit just yet! Open-mouthed smile

This exact idea has been on my heart for as long as I can remember, even as far as my college days and has now been resurfacing once again.  I’m not exactly sure if it’s because I have more time to think by myself or what (with Selah by my side), but I have to be honest that I’ve had my moments when I start pondering about the pretty little things in life and somehow, BOOM.  I land on negative thoughts that do nothing but whisper lies in my ear:

“You are such a failure because you haven’t accomplished much in life.” 

“Why can’t you be a super mom, wife, and leader at church like so-and-so?  She has it all together unlike you.”

“I thought you had big dreams and goals in your heart….so why haven’t you pursued them yet, are you scared?”

I sure hope that these lies sound familiar to you, and I say that not because I don’t wish for your welfare and happiness, but because I’m hoping I’m not alone in this battle, you guys!  The fact of the matter is that all those silly little whispers are nothing but lies.  Even though I’m typically a very optimistic person I recently had my moments when I just gave in to them, and I believe it has something to do with the many transitions in my life.  I am sure that many of you moms out there know what I’m talking about, and my encouragement to you is that you are not alone!

So the enemy knows me better than I know myself and stabs me right where it hurts…but you know what?  I have a God who is far greater than anyone and anything in this world, yayyy-yuhhh!

Do you also know what he uses in order to steal your joy and make you “un-happy” as a result?

Comparison and lack of thanksgiving. 

[Source]  It’s kind of cliché, but so true!

And because those things are so common in our human nature, particularly in this wealthy culture that [most of us] we live in because we feel like we’re entitled to everything, we start to measure how little we are in comparison to the girl or guy next to us.  My friends, I firmly believe that we need to rejoice with others when they rejoice because that shows true maturity in soul and spirit.  Whether that friend got promoted to a higher position at her workplace, or the girl at school lost 50 lbs through clean eating and consistent exercise, or that blogger has a booming readership and just got an offer to work with magazine companies, we need to rejoice with them.  And I’m not saying that we should fake our emotions either, but earnestly pray that we’d be genuinely happy for that person.  Yes, happy for them!!!!

In order to counteract those lies that come and go as they want, I call out truth against them:

“You are such a failure because you haven’t accomplished anything in life.”  ||  “Excuse me!  But I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband who loves God and family like crazy.  Oh yeah, and I gave birth to a beautiful daughter who brightens up my everyday with her sweet smiles.  What more can I ask for?” 

“Why can’t you be a super mom, wife, and leader at church like so-and-so?  She has it all together unlike you.”  ||  “I’m doing what I can at this transitional stage in my life, and I don’t need to perform anyway in order to be loved and cherished by others.  I am worthy and valuable just the way I am, thank you very much.”

“I thought you had big dreams and goals in your heart….so why haven’t you pursued them yet, are you scared or lazy?”  ||  “It’s not about my timing because it is God’s timing that matters ultimately.  Right now I’m in preparation and learning mode, and when He decides it’s time—then it’s time.  Whatdya think about those apples?!”

So let’s be genuinely joyful for others, because it not only makes the pathway to beautiful relationships in our lives, but it brings pleasure and satisfaction to our hearts.  Remember that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about hitting the gym and eating clean 24/7.  It’s more than that my friends! It’s about pursuing  “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” –Philippians 4:8- Open-mouthed smile

Have a beautiful day remember that you are beautiful the way you are!  Nothing you do or don’t do will make you any lovelier in God’s eyes, because He loves you and me despite our shortcomings.  Mind you, this doesn’t exclude you if you’re a male reader because the same goes for you.

At what point in your life has it been difficult to remain thankful for who you are and where you are?

What things from your youth bring up certain negative thoughts?

-I often felt like I had to perform and be likeable by others to be worthy.  In my mind unless I was producing something, I wasn’t valuable to others.

How do you counteract times of confusion and negativity?


Ellie <33