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Hey guys, how’s your week going so far?  I hope you’re getting your Christmas shopping done so you can beat the crowds! Greg and I are really looking forward to Christmas not only because of its awesome significance, but also because his parents are coming to town.  Eeeeeeeeeek!  Mind you, that’s the good kind of “eeek” because I am extremely thankful for his family who has always treated me like one of their own.  Greg’s mom and I are pretty much kindred spirits, and I can safely say that I consider her to be one of my best friends.

Wow, that’s a rather unusual sentence coming from a daughter in-law, isn’t it?


Last year during our mini-vacation to San Diego. Hello super golden tan!


They are flying all the way from good ol’ Kansas to celebrate with us and because they can’t wait to see us Selah.  Haha!  I’m telling ya…when you bring a new member into the family their grown kids don’t matter to the grandparents as much as the grandbaby does. Smile with tongue out  Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration.

Juuuuust a little bit though.

And I know that this isn’t exciting for most of you because hey, why would you care?  But I’ll share anyway. Winking smile

Greg and I will get a whole night+day off away from home because they’re dying to watch Selah overnight.  I know that last time I mentioned how I can’t imagine going through the day without my little BUGGABOO PRINCESS (don’t judge—I have a gazillion nicknames for her and you should hear Greg’s nicknames for her), but quite honestly, sometimes we can use a day off and go on a relaxing date simply because it’s PURELY MAGICAL.  You can only imagine how my brain is going through possible-date-spots-overload as I type this out, and if you are familiar with the OC and LA area all of your ideas are welcome!

We are also planning on taking family photos while they’re here and I am in the process of working things out with some potential photographers.  It wasn’t very easy to find a photographer who has the whole package, meaning that he/she should have a welcoming attitude, amazing pictures, availability, and an affordable price.  I think that after having talked to some of them I have found the right one.  So we’ll see how that works itself out!

Lose Weight with the Jump Rope

There are so many ways to lose weight and maintain it if you only eat wholesome foods (with some indulgences, har har) and get your derriere moving.  Yes, it truly is a simple philosophy and it can’t get any easier than that, especially when you have the world of YouTube and the blogosphere at the tip of your fingers—literally.  Type it in your search engine, hit enter, and voila!  You have an endless amount of ideas on how to lose weight, get strong, and maintain all that hard work.

However!  Oh yes…that dreaded ‘however’ always has to find a way to sneak into every situation.  Most of us struggle with actually following fitness advice and putting our knowledge into action, and of course there’s a myriad of reasons for that:

  • time
  • laziness
  • fear of change
  • hate exercise
  • living situation
  • money
  • TOO MUCH information
  • lack of support
  • all-or-nothing attitude

Well, I would be more than happy to break all that down for you if you’ve been struggling in this particular area.  I may not be a certified coach nor a professional in any of the aforementioned topics, but I believe that personal experience sometimes gives one the license to at least SHARE that knowledge.  So if you would allow me, this Thusday I will be putting up a vlog on my experience with the underrated fitness equipment known as the jump rope and how I’ve benefitted from it so far.

If you are physically able to use the rope, because I know that many of you have knee problems and specific health issues, then I highly recommend you check the out the vlog and give the exercise a try!  While we’re at it, let’s take a sweet little walk down memory lane as we jump our way to better health, because if you think about it, we probably were much more intuitive about physical activity when we were little kiddos…Of course, we never thought of jumping rope as a form of exercise because to us it was pure fun, and it still can be.

Have a blessed day you guys!

If you celebrate Christmas, how are you spending the holidays this year?

Have you ever hired someone to take your family photos?  How was your experience?

What are your thoughts on the jump rope?


Ellie <33