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April 10-2013 (2 of 5)-3

I’ve been on the mug cake bandwagon for quite some time now but don’t eat them on a consistent basis.  I usually resort to mug cakes when I want something to satisfy my sweet tooth in a healthier way.  Also, sometimes I just don’t feel like spending money on pastries and drive all the way down to the bakery, you know? Smile  Hauling little big Selah around everywhere can become pretty exhausting after a while, haha!  By the way you guys….remember when I told you we found out at her last doctor’s appointment that she falls in the 75 height percentile?

April 10-2013 (3 of 8)

Well, I lied.  Because she just went through another growth spurt and now falls into the whopping 95 percentile.  Am I the only one who finds this preposterous?!  But then again, it’s pretty cool that I get to be the mom of a tall baby, hah!

April 10-2013 (1 of 8)

Where were we?

Oh yeah, food.  I discovered this JIF cashew butter a few weeks ago and although I’m not necessarily crazy about JIF PB, I loved the fact that I finally found a cheaper jar of cashew butter.  But still, I don’t think I’d be purchasing it that often because it can definitely add up if I were to buy it weekly!

It’s so delicious paired up with kabocha squash or on top of my oats.  Mmmmmmm.

April 10-2013 (1 of 1)-354

Confession:  I don’t think I have ever tried eggnog, and if I ever did I think it was a tiny little sip.  I hear that it is almost impossible to gulp down more than a few sips because it can get so thick and rich, but that’s luckily not the case with Silk’s Seasonal Nog.  It’s flavored enough with the right spices, but not too rich that you can’t drink it out of a glass.

This morning I enjoyed mixing it in pancake batter!   It made my millet pancakes taste more Christmasy…I highly recommend mixing it with pancake batter or in your baked goods this season!


Since Greg’s parents are flying in from Kansas and joining us this Christmas, they decided to give us money to go out and buy whatever we want and wrap it up for when gift opening time comes.  This is such a great idea because when it comes to shopping for myself, I love to get a good bargain and almost never pay the full price.

The bad news is that it gets really hard to wait to use those gifts, particularly when they come in the form of cute, less expensive clothing. Smile with tongue out

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If you haven’t checked out JC Penney’s clothes section, then I seriously recommend you do because there have been times when I scored a beautiful $40 shirt for only $9.  Yup!  As you can see on the picture above I went all out because almost everything was at a discounted price, and I’m planning on not using all the gift money because hopefully I’ll use it for other purposes.  Hopefully!  Hehe.

April 10-2013 (7 of 8)

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I also found this gem at Target because as you can tell on my vlogs and pictures, I wear the same Under Armour gear quite often. Smile with tongue out  I never knew the Champion brand had so much functional, cute, and nicely fitted workout clothes!  These grey tights seem to be pretty warm and fit all body types perfectly.  Kind of Lululemon style, you could say?

April 10-2013 (4 of 8)

Speaking of Christmas related stuff…I just love to see Selah’s reaction to the tree!  Whenever I put up a new ornament she just gawks at it in awestruck wonder.


There is one downside to being the person stuffing all the stockings, you guys!  You end up eating too much chocolate.

I don’t have too many chocolate candies that I love, except Reese’s, Twix, and anything like the Dove dark chocolate.  Oh mannnnn someone needs to keep these away from me because they might be gone before Christmas Eve!  While I was grocery shopping I came across these gingerbread Twix and knew I had to try it.

It is magical, especially since I’m a lover of all things ginger flavored.


Sights like this make me smile every single day!  And don’t think for a second that my life is perfect because blogging and social media obviously makes anyone’s life seem that way, so after a long day of Selah teething or facing life’s obstacles, seeing Greg and Selah like this makes me burst out in laughter.  Don’t they look so precious like that?!


Of course, family is such a blessing and the older I get the more I realize that fact.  I wonder if it’s the same way for you guys as well.


I came across this beautiful frame at the bookstore the other day, and itghybn had this amazing story on it.  It’s kind of hard to see it on here but the girl in the story shares with God about all the holes that she’s acquired throughout her life—holes of sadness, hurt, and how she wishes someone could understand her through it all.  She calls out to Him and He answers her by saying, “I have holes too”, and that’s when she realizes she’s never alone.  He gave His life for her with those holes in his hands (actually it was His wrists), and He’s the one who can heal the pain she has suffered.  It is so heart warming and such a great reminder for my life’s purpose!

Hope you guys have a great day!  YOU ARE LOVED.

Are you a sucker for poems, stories, and beautiful writing? 

What are some of your favorite things this December?

Are you a bargain shopper?  Where do you normally buy clothes and shoes?

-I tend to try out all kinds of different stores and always end up in the sales section. Sometimes I like to go thrifting but for clothes only!  Shoes are normally from Korean boutiques because they have so much unique and affordable items.


Ellie <33