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Hello there! To lightly recap how life has been lately, all I can say is that this week has been a whirlwind of emotions and blessings.  I am wondering if it’s my hormones to blame since it usually takes about a year for the mother’s body to balance itself out, and those ups and downs can come and go quite unexpectedly for most of us.  But I’m glad to say that I’m definitely feeling like myself again because let’s face it, it’s seriously a chore to have to ride out all sorts of emotions when they can be so fickle and out of the blue! Smile with tongue out

Besides reading God’s Word and communicating my feelings to Greg--who is a great listener by the way--scrumptious food, cleaning the house like a boss, plenty of jump roping, and fun times with Selah have helped me in that regard.  I’m telling you guys, once you get over the fear of jump roping you WILL have the whole world in the palm of your hands!

Errr okay, so I’m really using hyperbole there, but you get my point. Winking smile

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A few nights ago I was at a loss of what to make for dinner because we wanted to try something different from our usual suspects.  Then a light bulb went off when I recalled seeing an amazing recipe on MJ and Hungryman’s blog the other day.  It was their Spicy Korean Baked Chicken Wings recipe, which I modified by using chicken thighs since that’s all we had readily available.

This is one of the most common and popular meat dishes you would find gracing a Korean dinner table, but I just loved the way MJ used a minimal amount of ingredients and the way she paired them up!  It was perfectly sweet, spicy, and bursting with flavor.  If you give this recipe a go then I will humbly suggest that you can even add some fresh ginger to it, because it would make it the ultimate gastronomic experience of your life!  I would have added fresh ginger but I recently ran out since I use it so often.

It’s that good, you guys.  Try it.

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We also had some Tilapia in the freezer so I winged it by dipping it in egg and then “breaded” it in this mixture:  ground hazelnut, salt, pepper, nutritional yeast.  The only side I made was a huge baked potato and ended up topping it with brie, salt, and greek yogurt. Oh, and then I drenched it in Sriracha.  Such a simple but satisfying meal!

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Breakfast is not too far from the usual!  I’ve been making pancakes, cold oatmeal on the spot, and waffles with toppings.  And as much as I love waffles, I’ve come to the conclusion that the lack of protein makes it a not-so-filling breakfast for me!  So I drizzled it with protein “frosting” as I channeled Katie’s love for it, teehee.

I’m also drooling over Davida’s amazing pumpkin recipes! I’m thinking the Pumpkin Spice Plantain Chips need to happen in this kitchen very soon.

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And Selah’s breakfast #2 after her milk feeding?

It’s been carrots.  And she loves them!  Well, I wouldn’t say she is madly in love with them because most solid food seems to startle her taste buds a bit.  She gets surprised and pushes it out of her mouth, and after 2 spoonfuls or so she begins to swallow the carrots quite nicely.  I think she likes them so far but I’m scared to jinx it, hah!  But really—I’m sooooooooo grateful and happy to know that veggies aren’t her enemy (yet) because if that’s the case, I would have a very difficult time understanding that.  I was all over veggies growing up and it’s probably one of my favorite foods even now. Open-mouthed smile

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Lately I’ve also been looking back through old photos and I often reminisce about Selah’s newborn stage.  Ohhh man, I just can’t believe all of this happened barely 5.5 months ago!  I also get brain cramps when I try to even fathom how Selah and life in general will be within a year from now.

April 10-2013 (3 of 3)-6

I think she was about 3 months.  She looked so different!  By the way, who do you think she looks like?  Mommy or daddy?

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Have a great day and make the most of it!  Remember that whatever emotions or circumstances you’re facing at the moment, they will only be there for a short while….as nothing is permanent—even those emotions that seem to linger for what seems like forever.  You are not alone!

What has been going on in your life lately?

What dish from another blogger has recently taken you aback?


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