Round-Up of the Best Exercises

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Christmas and New Years are fast approaching, you guys!  Eeeeeek! Are you guys ready for 2014 yet?

I for one, am definitely looking forward to the blessings that the future holds for us, but the fact that 2013 included the greatest blessing in our lives as a couple—welcoming Selah into our little world—made it monumental and somewhat nostalgic as I look back to it.


Anyway…As the old trend of making New Years resolutions continues to thrive in our culture, so does the pressure to achieve perfection:  AKA  losing weight, exercising and eating healthier, getting accepted into a major grad school, switching careers, finding that boyfriend or girlfriend you’ve been waiting for since you first watched Disney princess movies, and the list goes on!

Now, since this is mainly a food and fitness blog {with a side of cute baby}, we shall focus on the fitness aspect. Open-mouthed smile

Oftentimes people ask me how I managed to stay in shape during and after my pregnancy, and my typical answer is just that—TYPICAL: “I make a small time slot to exercise sometime during the day even if it’s as short as 10-15 minutes.  I also try to eat wholesome foods about 80% of the time while I leave the remaining 20% open for dessert, heh!  More than anything, I try to have fun with it and make it my creative outlet, sort of like ‘me’ time.”

It is tempting to assume that in order to lose weight and get in shape, one has to exercise for no less than one hour 6 times a week.  I am sure that method works for a good while, but our bodies can work overtime for so long as they need rest and variation.  Otherwise, we burn out so quickly and feel like there’s no more HOPE and give it up altogether.   But the first statement couldn’t be farther from the truth (as many of you seasoned fitness enthusiasts already know) because small baby steps is all it takes, and we don’t have to make it a huge deal that goes down on our resolutions list only to be crossed off the minute you “mess” up.  There is always a second and third chance, especially when it comes to pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Since many friends and loved ones ask me for advice on how to lose weight and stay in shape, I got the idea to do a round-up of some of my favorite workouts and the routines I do throughout the week in order to stay healthy, strong, and decently fit…because believe me!  You need all the strength you can get when you have to carry a 20+ lb baby wherever you go.  Some of these routines require an elliptical but I figured it would be helpful to bring back the posts that have long been forgotten.

I realize I sound like a broken record whenever I talk about my fitness philosophy, but it’s because I really believe in its effectiveness or else I wouldn’t even talk about it!

At-home cardio+strength training

Full Body Burn Blast

{more details here with a vlog}

Jumprope Anywhere Cardio Routine

{more details here with a vlog} // By the way, I seriously can’t get enough of the jump rope these days!  Such a quick and effective form of cardio.


{from this post about my journey with post-partum weight loss}


{details here}

{from this post—wow, it feels like ages ago!}


{from this post}

How to make the most out of the Elliptical


{from this post}

lengthen cardio

{from this post}

The Stepmill—One of the best cardio machines


{I explain the benefits in this post}

With all that said, I personally  don’t like to make New Years resolutions.  Like, if there is one thing I can say I HATE it would be to make resolutions on New Years! I credit that to my somewhat go-with-the-flow mentality I’ve learned to hone into throughout my whole life, hahaha.

I bet it seems like a foreign idea to some of you, but I just never enjoyed doing that and that’s my personal philosophy.  If there is anything that I hope and wish for in 2014, it is simply to grow deeper in character, faith, and love for others. I know that by praying for those character traits I’m asking for life circumstances that require me to use those very things, so I’m definitely in for it, lol, but those are honestly my life-long goals so I constantly keep myself accountable to them.  It sounds like a lofty goal to reach but I know that with God’s help 2014 will be a great time of growth--regardless of the circumstance.

Have a blessed day and let’s take it one day at a time! Open-mouthed smile

Are you a fan of making New Years Resolutions?  Do you try to accomplish them or do they usually fall to the wayside?

If you could choose one (or a few) form of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

-Oh mannnn why do I do this to myself?  Hard choice because I have so many!  But I’ll have to go with running and body weight training because they can be done anywhere.


Ellie <33