The Awesome Benefits of Jumping Rope {Vlog}

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The past several weeks I’ve been loving on one fitness equipment that doesn’t seem fitness-related at all!  And that’s the GOOD OL’ FASHIONED JUMP ROPE. Well, if you were anything like me as a child and jump roped all day long past sunset, and you constantly had your mom beckoning you to come in for dinner, then you probably considered it to be a simple children’s toy.  Until now.  Were you one of those kids by the way?  Or were you usually cooped up in your house playing Gameboy Mario?  Haha, my friends, we are finally at that stage where we can tell the kids of this generation, “when I was your age all we had was black and white Mario and Pacman.”


Now, moving on to the benefits of jumping rope and why on earth I talk about it so much these days.  I promise you that I have a great reason for that, as getting my cardio in with this equipment is another amazing addition to my ever evolving fitness journey.

In fact, jumping rope is a great way to lose weight and maintain all that hard work—whether it be losing the last bit of stubborn weight, getting a lean and strong physique, or even building up an incredible amount of endurance, if you consider yourself an athlete.

In this new [embarrassing] vlog, I explain some points and benefits of jump roping that I’ve heard about and even experienced myself.  Here they are.

Why Jump Roping is Good for You

  • time efficiency
  • space convenience
  • fear of change
  • great cardio
  • calorie burning (but I don’t count calories/measure how much I burn)
  • boxer’s conditioning
  • and even Victoria’s Secret! Haha.

If you would do me the favor of disregarding my awkward demeanor and the 1000s of times I look sideways, I would be forever thankful.

Have a great Thursday and as always, remember to look for opportunities to be a blessing to others!

Were you active as a child?

-I definitely was—always running and biking my way everywhere!

If it weren’t for the fear of getting whipped with the rope, would you incorporate it in your routines?


Ellie <33