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Hey you guys!  I hope your weekend went fantastic. These days I find myself missing some serious family time.  If you have already been to Southern California then you must be aware of the chaos that LA traffic is (where I live), and Orange County (my parents’ hood) doesn’t get any much better nowadays…so as you can imagine, making a “quick drive” to see my parents doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Luckily, Selah has been much better with the car and doesn’t seem to mind long drives like she used to, so a few nights ago I decided to pay my parents a visit.  We ate at the food court of Arirang Market and fortunately Selah cooperated, somewhat—aside from the few times she screeched her lungs out because of her aching gums, haha.


I feel so blessed to actually have parents to visit, and since I lived with them till right before I got married I never could imagine missing them like I do now!


Walks at the park have been a must this week!  When life gets hectic and I need a nice little breather, I take Selah out to Wilson Park in Torrance where I go to the Farmer’s Market, and take a stroll as we watch the people around us.  Oh, and some squirrels that are kind enough to pose for the camera, haha, so cute!  Well actually, I think this cute little guy was hoping for some food to be thrown at him, of which I had none at the time.


As soon as the weather gets cooler my skin tends to dry up pretty badly, and that includes my chapped lips!  I’m not one to wear too much make-up and usually opt for something low key like this Colour Riche Balm.  But since I was getting tired of my super attractive dry, discolored lips and wanted something different, I took the liberty to purchase this awesome balm tint from Revlon.  The tip is shaped like a thick pencil so it is easy to apply and goes on smoothly.  So far I love this stuff and I’m already wanting it in a variety of colors!

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Normally I try to be conservative with my money and don’t splurge too much on expensive treats—but notice that “try” is the keyword here.  Acai bowl is one example of said treats, but it is just so delicious, refreshing, and doesn’t leave me feeling sluggish, so although I haven’t had one in ages I took the plunge yesterday and polished it off in 10 minutes.


I saw Chriselle eating a beautiful acai bowl on Instagram the other day so I had been craving it since.  I made a short trip to Beach Bowls Acai Café after getting supplies for church, and got this chocolate power acai blend with bananas, blueberries, and pineapple atop.  If you decide to give this place a try I highly recommend you go with the chocolate or vanilla power blends which include protein powder, or the tropical flavor.  Now I’m really looking forward to my next visit!  But perhaps I should give other places a try next time, like Paradise BowlsOpen-mouthed smile

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This girl.  The day ahead may sometimes be exhausting and unpredictable as she constantly requires my undivided attention, but in all honesty I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be with her as much as I can right now.  Sure, having two solid incomes would be totally ideal, but we’ve prayed about this and we’re merely following God’s leading.

I never thought that I’d be staying home with my little one because I was always about work and in the past I told myself that I would forever be a working mom!  Funny how God changes our plans! Smile with tongue out  Besides, who knows where the road may lead next?  One year from now I may start working again, or perhaps it will be longer than that…but helping in the ministry and raising our little munchkin is my mission as of now.

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Some of you may recall the times I mentioned Yerba Mate in my old blog posts.  You guys!  If you haven’t tried this amazing stuff then let me quickly fill you in!  It is a staple in various South American countries and it’s a great way to sip and relax mid-day.  The caffeine, which some call it Mateine, doesn’t make you jittery if you are sensitive to coffee.  It is also really flavorful and has an earthy taste that pairs well with sugar and even milk, but I prefer it with honey instead of sugar.

Whenever I drink Yerba Mate, I like to think that I’m chilling on a big open patio in Argentina with my childhood friends.

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These hazelnut shortbread cookies are delicious!! The only problem is that I classify them as somewhat of a kitchen flop.  Even though they’re really good and I consider them successful for me to eat them by my lonesome self, I don’t think they’re worth sharing the recipe yet.  Oh man, sometimes it’s so hard to know whether or not a recipe is successful enough to share with others!  Do you have that problem too or do you just know right off the bat?

Anyway, I hope you have a great start to your week!  And as the Christmas season is getting busier by the day remember to stop and truly count your blessings—because there are so many.

What are some things you currently love?

If you were to have a child or already do, would you work or stay at home with your child?

Are you a beauty junky?  If so, what are your “vices”?

-I may not be much of a beauty junky but I definitely like lip products.


Ellie <33