Armpit Target Circuit Vlog+Thinking out Loud

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Hi there!  I hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday!


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1.  I can’t believe we’re driving to another state tomorrow!  I mean, it will definitely be hotter and way more dry than So Cal, but we’re excited for this trip because it means a lot of fun and reconnecting with people.  I can’t quite say where we’re going and what it’s for due to “confidentiality” purposes, but for now I can tell you this much. Smile  Any guesses where we might be heading to?

2.  Speaking of traveling….Oh my goodness.  I seriously hope I get everything ready and packed by tonight because I fear we’ll forget something pertaining to Selah!  We have never driven more than 2 hours with the buggaboo, so you could imagine that I’ll be making mental notes and physical checklists throughout the day.  Any advice from experienced parents is obviously welcome.  Please?!!!

3.  I have finally brought back some yoga into my weekly rotation and I honestly couldn’t be happier that I did!  After getting someone’s recommendation to try Mark Gonzales’ yoga videos I was instantly hooked the second I got into the first segment.  Soon after his video I tried this amazing lady’s routine and was once again reminded of how amazing it feels to stretch my muscles like there’s no tomorrow.

ali yoga

Although I always stretch out of habit wherever I go, I haven’t formally done any yoga lately because of time, and basically because I didn’t know whose practice to follow.  Now I know better and I’m very excited to continue on this journey.  Mind you, though…that whole bit about clearing the mind and “interesting” yoga-nese is not my cup of tea so I just do it for the physical benefits.  My beliefs do not align with much of yoga-nese and that’s totally acceptable.

4.  When in doubt, AKA you don’t know if you want oats or pancakes for breakfast, make banana oatmeal pancakes like I did today!


Sorry for the phone picture quality!  You can’t even tell that they’re oat pancakes, haha.

The recipe is here, but instead of banana the recipe features pumpkin—both of which are awesome choices.

5.  This video on Instagram captures Selah’s relationship with Greek yogurt perfectly!  I feel so evil for doing that to her, but I just couldn’t help it because she looks so cute!

6.  Ahem, not to brag about this workout or anything.  But I really think you should give it a try!  Hehe! #shamelessplug  #feelin’abitawkwardnow


Not only does it take your cardio to a whole new level, but it targets various muscle groups including the “dreaded bra line” area—otherwise known as armpit fat.  Hear me out now…I do not believe in spot reduction because I  know it doesn’t work, but I do believe that we should work all our muscles equally in order to attain balance in our overall health.  Aesthetics is nice and all, but how great does it feel to have balance in our lives when it comes to fitness?

Here is the workout video since it’s quite hard to explain the moves.  Enjoy! Open-mouthed smile

Banish brat fat with this circuit

Have a beautiful day and talk to you soon!

What’s your relationship with yoga if you have one?

Have you ever attempted to target the “bra line” area?  If so, do you have any moves you love?


Ellie <33