Kleenex, Laughter, and What to Expect

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Welp!  As you may have read on my last post the past 7 days have been an absolute blast—filled with blessings, laughter, family, and Kleenex.  I hope your week is going just as well sans the Kleenex part because let’s face it, we all hate goodbyes, don’t we?! Ummmm…unless your family is the type that you can only spend so much time with and then it’s SAYONARA!  But I sure hope that’s not the case because life is too short to take our blessings for granted, and I feel as though the older I get my heart grows deeper in areas I didn’t know I could improve.  Open-mouthed smileselahfamilycollage

During the time that Greg’s parents were here with us we ate out at least half of the time.  Breakfast usually happened at home, lunch was anything that we could eat on the fly (mostly at home), and dinner happened at restaurants including 2 nights of cooking for the family.  I made pizza for everyone and the other night my mother in law created an amazing and succulent roast beef meal!  Full of mashed potatoes, bread, and her world-famous cookies.  I’m not used to eating that kind of American cooking at home, but her pot roast recipe is so darn easy and delicious that I’ve decided to make it for Greg whenever he craves mom’s cooking.


A lot of Selah’s “firsts” also happened this week!  Gramma Betzen and I took her to the park and created Selah’s first playground experience.  We put her in the swing and she laughed like there’s no tomorrow, and even though she started bawling the second Gramma put her on the slide by herself (while holding her of course), she loved sliding down on Gramma’s lap.  It may not be a big deal to some people, but for a first-time mom this is HUGE stuff!  Whether she poops, burps, or sits up on her own, everything is to be praised and documented for as long as I can keep up with her, haha! Winking smile


We also introduced her to the sippy cup with water and I kid you not—the second she grabbed onto the handles she started drinking out of it like a boss.  I’m not quite sure if it’s the cup or the water that fascinates her, but I think this is a pretty good start if you ask me.

As sad as we are to be away from the grandparents, we’re hoping to keep our spirits up this week!

I also have a question for you guys…and this isn’t to construct my blog around anyone else’s desires or else it wouldn’t be genuinely ME, but I would like to have some feedback on what you would like to see more of this year.  Would it be recipes of baked goods, savory foods, workout videos, life updates, reviews, motivational/spiritual thoughts, OOTDs, something random…? 

I think it would be great to have a clearer sense of direction the blog is taking, and if I can share with you more of the things that tickle your fancy, this would be a space where fun and life changing things could happen!  Open-mouthed smile  Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Do you find yourself appreciating certain things more as you get older?


Ellie <33