Scenes from the Weekend

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You may or may not know that my posts can be quite wordy sometimes, and despite my good intentions they always seem to end up being pretty lengthy.  Quite lucky for you, today I will mostly be sharing photos from the weekend and just a few words to follow up with the pictures.  Well, I'll try. ;)

April 10-2013 (1 of 10)

Thursday the 16th was Greg’s birthday, but since some of our family members were sick we decided to drop Selah off at my parents’ house and enjoyed a magical Korean BBQ dinner at Honey Pig.  Oh my goodness you guys…if you are ever looking for an amazing Korean BBQ experience and find yourself in Orange County, please do me a favor and try this place!

April 10-2013 (2 of 10)

Ultra melty pork belly and pretty delicious brisket.  Boom.

April 10-2013 (3 of 10)

Anyone with a DSLR struggle with having your own pictures taken by a stranger?  This happens to us all the time; hence, we end up with blurry photos because we feel too bad to ask for multiple shots.  Ahhhh well—I learned my lesson in that we should use our phones from now on.  As you can tell, Greg wasn’t too thrilled to get his picture taken.

April 10-2013 (5 of 10)

On Friday night I put together a homemade “Chipotle Bowl” by adding smoked salmon and pulled BBQ chicken (recipe here) into the mix.

April 10-2013 (6 of 10)

Although I wasn’t too hungry and my appetite seemed to be absent, I managed to polish this meal off with no problem.  This combination was delicious as it contained some of my favorites:  fresh corn, beans, muenster cheese, spinach, salsa, and my guacamole (recipe with terrible pictures here). Open-mouthed smile

April 10-2013 (4 of 10)

That same night I had a surprising amount of energy left, so I managed to dust off my beloved baking supplies and put myself to work by executing some labor of love.  I baked a batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies for the youth at our church!  I had a blast baking for them, despite the fact that I almost burned everything due to Selah’s teething episode.  Sad smile As a result they wound up being extra crispy cookies, but at least the youth enjoyed the taste and I felt happy to show them some love.

I think I can call that a win-win situation, don’t you think so?  Humor me.

April 10-2013 (7 of 10)

Yesterday morning I made some egg white oatmeal and topped it with greek yogurt, Laura Scudder’s PB, and crumbled bits of a cookie.  The blazing LA weather has me sweating 24/7 so this breakfast definitely didn’t help me cool down…Ahem, not to rub it in for you East Coast folks. Winking smilecolindolYesterday we went to my cousin’s baby’s DOLJANCHI (돌잔치 1st birthday party) and had such a great time!  The food, the atmosphere, Colin’s (birthday boy) cuteness—everything was perfect, and I could tell Selah had a good time because she was happy the entire time.


A mommy-daughter selfie you may have spotted on Instagram because yes, we are I am human and can be quite narcissistic like that!  But then again…how can I contain myself when I have this irresistible little face begging me to show her off?  By the way, what do you call a selfie that includes two people instead of one?  A twofie? This is a serious question you guys.  #thethingsthatgothroughmyhead


April 10-2013 (9 of 10)

Little back story about me and one of my new favorite companies ever.

If I remember correctly, ever since I was about 4 years old I had a heart for social justice, poverty, and those who were deemed to be outcasts and “different”.  I knew from an early age that God’s ultimate plan for me was to help the lost and the broken.  As funny as it sounds, I recall spending hours watching documentaries about impoverished children.  Something about them was simply…captivating, fascinating, and heart breaking all at the same time.

In today’s self-serving culture we often forget that there is a world outside of the comforts of our own surroundings, and it is quite rare to find a company whose main focus is to help suffering kids.  I want Selah to grow up to be a selfless child who sees others’ needs just as important as her own…and I believe that introducing her to toys from B. Toys is a great start!  If you are a mommy or aspiring parent, then I highly suggest you check them out!

April 10-2013 (10 of 10)

Yes, I do understand that poverty is a never ending cycle and quite truthfully, I do not believe it will ever be completely gone…but taking action for something we believe in is always better than doing nothing about it.  And not only are these toys working for a great cause, but Selah seems to love them so much!  They are easy to stack, chew, bite, and appealing in the eyes of a 7 month old. Open-mouthed smile

In case you were wondering, I am not being sponsored to write this post.  I’m just simply stoked to have found such a great company!  You can easily find them at Target if you are interested to gift them to your baby or toddler.

How was your week/weekend?  Did you do something out of the ordinary?

What company has caught your attention as of late?  Or do you endorse companies that give back to the community?

Your latest super indulgent meal is __________________.


Ellie <33