Heather Kelly: Family Photo Session in the South Bay

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I completely forgot I haven’t shared the pictures from our family photo shoot last month!  As you already know, Selah is the one and only grandkid to Greg’s parents so far, and you know how that goes.  The first grandkid gets all the spoils and goodies because she’s the favorite, haha.  Thus, we had a photo session with my in-laws because that’s all they wanted for Christmas. And oh yeah, let’s hope that our future children will get just as much attention as Selah so they don’t end up with the Jan syndrome.  (Did you catch that reference, by the way?)

The thing is, when they brought up the idea they suggested to have something simple at a studio like JC Penney’s, and the initial response in my mind was…”uhhhhh no thank you….I think I’ll look for a professional that actually does this outside of a studio”…because quite frankly, I have only heard horror stories of JC Penney’s type photos.  And don’t get me wrong you guys, if you have had success in said studios then that’s awesome!  But when EVERY SINGLE ONE of us is picky when it comes to our own photos, we better hire someone we can actually work with to prevent unnecessary grief.

After talking to Christina, who always seems to have the best connections in the South Bay, I decided to go with Heather Kelly!  Her photography business is located in the city of Torrance, but she is always willing to work with the client, whether it be in the heart of Los Angeles, Orange County, and so forth.  As Heather’s business is moving up, so are her prices, but thankfully she was kind enough to keep the same fee for us because it was just at the beginning of January.  We honestly felt so comfortable with her the second we met her, and as you all know, a comforting demeanor is an indispensable quality a photographer can possess.

She not only made it fun and carefree for us, but her love for simplicity rendered beautiful and natural looking pictures (in our opinion, but I guess that’s up to you to decide Smile with tongue out).  If you find yourself searching for an affordable and easy going photographer in the LA and OC area, then Heather is definitely it!

South Bay Family Photography

Family Photo Session 3Family Photo Session 4

One of our personal favorites!

Family Photo Session 7

Family Photo Session 9Family Photo Session 6

Family Photo Session 8Family Photo Session 10

Another one of our favorites.  So sweet!

Family Photo Session 12Family Photo Session 14

Family Photo Session 15Family Photo Session 11

The sweetest…Really, the star of the show! : )

Soooooo!  What do you all think?

What are some awkward photography moments you’ve had?

-For me it was definitely during our engagement photo shoot in San Juan Capistrano!  Everything went beautifully, but I felt way too shy whenever we’d kiss in front of the camera, hah!

Have you had your picture taken in a studio before?  Maybe you’ve had a good experience?


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