How To Make an Outfit Pop

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In the past year or so I’ve really taken an interest in fashion.  I never considered myself well dressed nor did I ever think that fashion could be such a fun outlet for me.  Growing up I constantly felt shy to wear anything other than baggy pants and an old raggedy tee because I was so self conscious.  Anyone relate to that one? Not only was I lacking confidence in the knowledge of how to pair an outfit, but I just had no idea where to begin!

Fast forward to today.

Now you’ll probably still find me quite modest and not too over the top, but at least I’ve come to terms with myself and have fun while combining new and old pieces together.  It is no longer a “fear” that I’ll look foolish if I wear this or that because quite frankly, it comes down to me enjoying fashion the way I want it to be in my eyes.  I think I’m beginning to understand what people mean when they say that “fashion has no rules”. I admit that I’m not one to dress like Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian—both at their own end of the fashion spectrum—but my point is that if you have fun creating, styling, and wearing your stuff, then do it!  But try to use some modesty at least.

So here’s a couple of outfits that I wear on a day-to-day basis.  Even if they may not special to a true fashionista, this is how I like to make simple outfits POP!

Note, however, that most of these items are quite old (some even 5 years old!) so you might not be able to find the same exact ones.


Lately I love bright primary colors like royal blue.  To make it a bit more interesting, I decided to wear this bright blue dress underneath the oversized silky navy blue top.  I think that the two shades of blue go great together because they keep the outfit uniform but distinct all at the same time.  The black heel booties balance the outfit, along with a cute pale pink heart pendant to bring it all together.  The crazy thing is that everything on here was on sale!

Dress // Target

Shirt // Target

Booties // Jc Penney Diba


As you can see the trend here, I love to wear oversized shirts, particularly if they go on top of a fitted piece like this white tee.  In this case I used Greg’s gifted plaid shirt, then paired it with grey cigarette pants and my “slightly edgy” bootie wedges to give it a fun look.  The buckles on the side make this look less polished and more “rough around the edges”.

Plaid shirt // Burberry similar

Pants // BDG Urban Outfitters

Booties // Korean Boutique


Again, since oversized tops are one of my staples, I love to balance them out with fitted bottoms like this pencil skirt.  Oh yeah, I also wore this for our engagement photo shoot and still love it! This thrifted shirt ($2, yay!) has brown checkers on it which gives the outfit a special pop for an interesting look.

Skirt // Charlotte Russe

Shirt // thrifted {simiar}

Booties // JC Penney Diba


Denim on denim is one look that I never found that exciting—until now.  It’s so simple yet it creates a relaxed feel, kind of like girl-next-door.  To spice it up a bit on some days, I like to wear my [faux] furry vest, tan booties, and maybe even a hat.  Looks rather complex, but not so much the case when you actually wear it together!

Hat // Lids

Denim shirt // Korean boutique LA

Fur vest // Korean boutique Orange County

Skinny jeans // Local boutique

Booties // Urban Outfitters {similar}

How do you style outfits?  Do you like to take risks every now and then?

Which one of these outfits best describes your style?


Ellie <33