Jump Rope Meltdown HIIT and Bad DOMS

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Hey guys! If one of you were to ask me if I’m satisfied with my current state of fitness, then I’d give you the most educated and well articulated answer I have.  And that is…


Yes my friends, although most of the workouts I do throughout the week range anywhere from 10-30 minutes, with 15 minutes being the norm, I can’t emphasize enough the fact that they’ve been doing wonders for my mind and body.  For several decades we’ve bought into the idea that we need to run for miles and miles on the treadmill.  And although that is a valid way to get healthy and lose weight, it can only be maintained for so long for many of us.  Thankfully I have learned to adopt my own style of fitness throughout the years via trial and error; thus, I consider myself the queen of concise and effective workouts because I like to stay fit while having a life, ahem. Smile

And if having more time in your day isn’t motivating enough, here’s a great post that perfectly articulates why moving less is better for balance and achieving our goals, which I found thanks to Amanda’s latest Link Love article.

So ever since HIIT circuits have been re-introduced into my (new mommy) life, I’ve had a blast creating some fun routines with you in mind.  And while they may look like pretty wimpy and insignificant circuits because they only consist of 3-5 moves, it would be such an honor to me if you gave them a try.  If you do decide to brave some major DOMS from these workouts then you’ll know just what in the world I’m blabbing about, hah!

This pretty much describes how I feel right now!  And no I don’t have masochistic tendencies. [Source]

Currently I’m feeling every muscle fiber aching within me, and to make the pain matters worse, last night I found myself writing 40+ letters to more than 40 individuals.  But I survived as you can tell!  Lol.

I will be sharing my most recent additions with you in another post and how they’ve changed me over time.  Although I’m embarrassed to admit that on a more superficial level I’ve been seeing a lot of physical changes, I’m also happy to share that I feel better mentally, like my mind feels more….”free”, if you will, due to these types of routines I’ve added as of late.

Anyway, here is another jump rope HIIT circuit that provides killer cardio benefits and is great for core strength!


Have you noticed progress in the area of fitness lately?  Or do you need to change things up?

Does working out clear your mind or does it make you more dazed out?

-It provides mental benefits when it’s not too rigorous for more than 30 minutes, but it tends to drain me if I go too hard for longer than that.


Ellie <33