Beard Papa: A Rainbow of Cream Puffs

by fitforthesoul in

For at least 2 years I stuck to the notion that Korean pastries, cupcakes, Urth Café’s baked goods, and alfajores were the only way to do dessert.  Well, I guess that’s still an extensive list of “only way” to do desserts, but I’m glad to say that my taste buds have been enlightened! After several visits to the Torrance Bakery and getting myself 2 mini eclairs each visit, I started to daydream about the little dessert more often than I would have expected.  Perhaps just as much as cupcakes?!  Wait, is that even possible?


So this brings me to my next point.  Enter the almost-always-reliable Yelp which helped me find a Beard Papa’s shop ten minutes away from my house!  I had only heard good things about this quaint, yet surprisingly delicious franchise eatery in the past, and when Yelp pointed me to their specialty treat—the notoriously ginormous and colorful cream puffs—I was sold.  I mean, cream puffs and eclairs pretty much taste the same in my opinion.

Trying to not get distracted from my errands was a challenge so I quickly made a pit stop at Beard Papa’s in Gardena.  It may not seem like such a big deal if you’re not fond of cream puffs, but what makes this place unique is that they fill the puffs with cream as you order.


You just ask for the cream puff you want.

And then you ask for either the vanilla, chocolate, or green tea filling.  Perfect!  As green tea filling was exactly what I’ve been craving without ever having tried it, hah!




Both were perfectly puffy and slightly flaky.  Delicious!

However…Yes, I do have a however when it comes to the flavor.  The green tea filling was perhaps too mild for me as I could barely taste it.  I usually love flavors that make a STRONG statement, and I think the green tea was hardly detectable.  But if you’re one of those people who prefer mild flavors and aren’t a fan of strong tea, then this might be a good choice for you!  Also, if you swing by the South Bay area (Socal) and stop by Beard Papa’s make sure you bring some cash with you. Smile

I have been forming ideas on some éclair recipes these days, but I’m afraid I might have to go to an expert on this cute little French dessert because I only have a 2-day experience from high school French!

Have you tried eclairs and cream puffs?  What are your thoughts on these desserts?

Do you think they’re the next “fad”?  Or what do you predict the next food fad will be?

-I think it could easily become the next big thing, but I don’t think it will last very long since it doesn’t pair up with Americans’ uber sweet taste buds.


Ellie <33