Cheers to 2 Years!

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I promise I wasn’t trying to rhyme there!  But I guess our 2 years of marriage calls for a colorful title? So as I mentioned on my last post, Greg and I spent our evening away from home while his parents watched Selah till the next morning.  Yay!  We knew we didn’t have to worry about neither Selah nor my in-laws because they get along just dandy—they’re pretty much “3 peas in a pod”!  But since we obviously didn’t want to stay too far from home in case there was an emergency, not to mention that we would’ve had to beat the traffic if we were to travel a bit farther, we stayed at the Wyndham hotel in Santa Monica.  Although Santa Monica isn’t too far removed from the city like the bed & breakfast we stayed in during our last mini-vacay, we figured that it’s different enough to make us feel like we really are on vacation.  Sure, there may be some hustle and bustle but what’s not to like about the place?

The beach?  The fact that you’re breathing in some fresh salty air and feeling all zen’d out?  Or the fact that you’re always bound to find a fabulous restaurant?  Or the crazy traffic?  Okay, not that part so moving right along.

Yep, that’s exactly how we feel about Santa Monica!  In case you haven’t had the chance to check it out yet. Winking smile


We first checked in at the Wyndham Hotel and quickly headed over to Mercado, a Mexican restaurant just a few blocks down the way.  Mexican cuisine doesn’t sound life changing to some of you I’m sure, but Mercado is different from the classic style we are used to in several ways:

  • A lot more vegetarian options (think—the most amazing sauted cauliflowers you will ever try!)
  • fresh and handmade tortillas
  • flavors burst with flavor despite the minimal amount of add-ons like a lava-full of cheese
  • extremely “hipster” atmosphere but with a touch of romantic
  • modern yet rustic architecture

The lighting was so dim, however, that I decided to opt out of snapping a photo of our dishes.  I ordered the Farmers’ Market Enchilada which came with a side of some of the best rice that has ever graced my taste buds!  And to top it off, it also came with perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned nopales.  Fresh and crunchy delight!

Greg ordered the Carnitas dish which was ao to die for.  The meat was extremely tender and the side of cauliflower was happily polished by yours truly. Open-mouthed smile

If you happen to visit Santa Monica and have the flexibility to eat a pricier meal than average, then consider this place!  Just be on the lookout because the MERCADO sign is extremely hard to see.  Greg and I drove around the block about 3 times before finding the spot.

crepe-de-paris-santa-monica All photos have been taken with the iPhone

We ended the night with a [chilly] stroll around the whole area and stopped for some dessert at Café Crepe.




So…errmmmm…I guess there was a lot of food involved this time!  And I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that we really ate that much, hah!  All in all, we had such a relaxing time and were reminded once again that we have been blessed with each other beyond measure.  We may have only been married for 2 years, but I feel like we’ve endured so many trials that our bond and communication have grown to be stronger.  I am so excited to see what God is going to do next in our lives so that we can hopefully be a blessing to others as a result.


Greg, I think we make a fiiiiiine team and with His help NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

And thank you guys so so so much for reading and being part of our journey.  I always look forward to connecting with you, so thank you for your friendship and support!

What classic style of cuisine would you like to see more “vegetarianized” and “hipsterized”?

What places would you recommend in Santa Monica to someone who’s never been?

If you are in a relationship/marriage, what are some insights you’ve learned so far?