February Favorites+I'm on TV?

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It’s time for another post of my monthly favorites!  I feel like life has the funniest way of throwing in random stuff, and it doesn’t get more random than the first February Favorite I’m about to show you.

{Life and Stuff}

  • Being on TV


Hi mom and dad!  Are you proud of me for popping up on your TV screen?!  Not.

Yesterday I was running some errands with Selah, when suddenly a sweet young woman stopped me dead in my tracks with a gigantic camera/camcorder and a noticeable microphone marked with the words “LA 18”.  I almost ran away.  And basically, she was a reporter from the Korean News channel.

She asked me to do a quick 20 second interview about how our family chooses to save water in this season of drought.  It was embarrassing but kind of cool at the same time!  I thought I’d let the world know before anyone calls me out on this incident, because I’m sure some of my friends might have caught a glimpse of the news if their family was watching.

And please…don’t mind my goofy face in that screenshot.  It’s the best I could do, haha!



This article almost brought me to tears.  There’s nothing more powerful than someone empathizing with you, is there?

I don’t normally talk about it on the blog.  But being a SAHM has its own set of challenges and once in a while I find myself “rediscovering” my identity, in a sense.  However, if I were to be painfully honest I’d say it is one of the greatest blessings God has EVER given me.  With each passing day I realize I’m so fortunate to raise Selah with God’s love as I’ve been entrusted with such an honorable, albeit lofty task!

In addition, being the first one to witness every little quirk that she develops is such a fun treat.  Her farts, her laughter, and even her wailing makes me laugh at times! (Though not always)  I know…I’m such a sweet mom for laughing at her quirks. Smile with tongue out


I’m not one to go crazy with phone apps simply because it doesn’t cross my mind to check out current technology.  Well, I’m glad I finally downloaded my first ever music app—Spotify.  It’s a free app that features pretty much every genre you can think of, and it kind of helps me stay in the know of what humans listen to nowadays, lol.  I’m kind of weird if I say so myself, but I don’t want to be too out of the loop!


The addition of spinach and kale smoothies in the afternoon has been awesome!  I usually get really tired and sleepy when 3pm hits, but green smoothies have been giving me the zap of energy I’ve been needing.  I also have noticed that I’m more careful with my food choices now that I’m consuming green smoothies daily.  Probably not a coincidence?

{Food Love}


Even though I love to make healthy pancakes out of scratch, I’ve been dragging myself through the kitchen in the mornings for the past week or so.


So in order to get my pancake fix I’ve been opting for Kodiak Cakes, which Greg fortunately loves since it tastes similar to Bisquick.

April 10-2013 (1 of 5)-11

This yogurt is a new product from the Quaker brand.  I’ve only tried 3 flavors so far, but the dark chocolate with raspberry version is hands down the best one!  It reminds me of a childhood dessert, but I can’t put my finger on which desserts it was.

Muller yogurt is not something that I’d eat everyday because it’s another one of those “dessert” like yogurts in my opinion.  It’s delicious, though!

  • Raw Treats


Not to toot my own horn…but when I love something I really LOOOOOVE IT AND GOTTA SHARE IT!!!!!  I was planning on bringing these Almond Butter Jelly Squares to my sister on my next visit, but between Greg and me it hasn’t lasted very long.  We’re down to a few squares now because it’s great for a healthy snack or dessert, and of course, I’ve consumed several throughout the day.  Oopsies.

{Fitness Love}

  • Yoga

April 10-2013 (6 of 6)-3

I’m sure Kim from Busy-Bod has sensed my excitement for yoga by now, because I seem to often blast her comment section with “omgnessssss yogaaaaaaaa!” type remarks.  And I’m so glad that my new found love for yoga (once again) can be shared with people like Kim.

Aside from the meditations which I refuse to follow due to my own beliefs, I love everything about it.

I feel extremely rejuvenated once I’m done with Ali Kamenova’s routines.  I also feel taller in a sense, but that’s because my posture has been correcting itself thanks to the practice.  It is extremely challenging to overcome the poses and movements, especially since Ali incorporates a lot of cardio in between, but it isn’t excruciating as if I were running more than 3 miles or something.

Past Monthly Favorites:

Have a happy Saturday!

What are some of your February favorites?

Do you think you will be a SAHM or a working mom in the future?


Ellie <33