Guest Post: The Yoga Body Myth

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I know today is Monday and I usually post on Tuesdays instead, but Greg and I are on our way out to our 1-night vacay for our 2 year anniversary!  So thankful we get this little treat, especially since Selah will be in her grandparents' good hands. :D

Today I'm featuring Kim from Busy-Bod, and I'm extremely excited that she agreed to talk about yoga, which is one of my new-found loves as of late.


The Yoga Body Myth

Hi Fit for the Soul readers! My name is Kim and I blog over at BusyBod.


 I write all about my adventures fitting fitness and healthy living into this crazy busy world we live in. I was so excited when Ellie approached me about guest posting on one of my favorite topics – yoga! I have been practicing yoga with varying degrees of consistency for over a decade, but recently I’ve committed to a daily practice, and it has been amazing. It’s also taken over my instagram. ;)

 When I talk to family, friends, and my readers about yoga, I find that people have a lot of misconceptions, which Ellie and I thought would be a great topic. I wasn’t sure where to start, and then she asked me about the “yoga body,” which is a perfect example!

 To an outside observer, it can certainly look like all yogis have a certain body type, but the truth is they don’t. There is no such thing as a yoga body.

 My first reaction when I hear people talk about the “yoga body” is to say that yoga isn’t about your body, which is true, at least in that sense Yoga is also kind of all about your body; it’s just not about the way that it looks. This may seem odd since the physical side of yoga is putting your body into specific shapes, but it’s true. As Kathryn Budig always says, it’s not how you look, it’s how you feel.

 Yoga is about the internal journey. Getting in tough with yourself, your body, and your breath. It’s about loving and accepting your body exactly the way it is, and learning to honor your body as the only one you have!


 So then why does yoga seem to have a certain “look?” Answer: the media!  

 Is that really so surprising? Whether it’s mainstream advertising or women’s magazines, we are bombarded with mega-thin, mildly muscled women. If you go to a yoga class or connect with the yoga community in other ways (like on instagram, etc.) you will see incredible yogis and yoginis in all shapes and sizes. This line from an article on Bustle sums it up the best: “Are you doing yoga and not a ghost? You have a yoga body!”

 Can yoga do amazing things for your body? Yes. Can yoga help you love your body? Yes. Can yoga help you feel stronger and more confident? Yes. Will yoga change the way your body looks? Maybe. Do you have to look a certain way to do yoga? Hell no. Yoga is for everyone. <3


Kim, thank you so much for partnering up and sharing some wonderful insight with us.  To be really honest, I feel like I learned so much about this particular myth because I always wondered about it myself.  It never made sense until now.  Media definitely has a tight grip on many things!

Have you ever fallen into the yoga body myth as well?

What are your thoughts on this article?


Ellie <33