Monday at Urth and the Promenade

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Most of you know that Monday is our day off work.  Errr more like Greg’s day off work, hence, it’s my day off too since I have an extra set of hands taking care of Selah. Now before we get into our Monday adventure, let’s talk food!  For lunch, I had a simple meal that was sort of reminiscent of the grilled sandwiches my mom made me as a kid—except I used a whole grain tortilla instead of bread.

April 10-2013 (1 of 8)-2

I simply warmed up the tortilla in coconut oil and wrapped it with cheddar and black forest ham.  This, along with green beans dipped in my all time favorite condiment mix (mustard and ketchup), totally hit the spot!

April 10-2013 (2 of 8)-2

I’ve been starting to notice that Selah has a really good attention span which I think is funny considering that my attention span is close to non-existent, haha!  She’s absolutely been enjoying playing and “reading” her books for a solid 30 minutes.  The last I’ve been told is that 30 minutes is super long for a baby….and it’s been making things rather easier for me in the daytime.  It’s a blessing, I tell ya!

Greg drove us to Santa Monica. I tried to take a picture of the two of us several times but to no avail, darnnn!

He absolutely hates pictures (some days more than others) and every time I attempted to sneak up on him he’d catch me so I ended up taking a photo of my lonesome self.

Is it just me or do most males hate taking photos?!

We went to Urth Caffe near Third Street and had dessert al fresco.  I ordered one of their new desserts—earl grey tiramisu.  It was delicious and way too easy to finish 80% of it in one sitting!  Oops.  Granted, it didn’t have the espresso flavor like traditional tiramisu and I did wish that the earl grey taste was stronger, but the creaminess from the mascarpone made it a winner in my book.

So where does it stand when I compare it to their pumpkin pie and blueberry cheesecake?  The earl grey tiramisu is amazing, but I still think the other two are just a tiny bit better overall.


Greg got the raisin bread pudding and it’s perfect for an afternoon snack.  I had a taste and it was really good, but it seems to be more of a breakfast item rather than dessert.  But who am I to critique that?  I still think that it’s way better than any bread pudding I can make.


A bold Spanish latte to wash it all down!  Because you can’t visit Urth Caffe and not have this addictive drink.  That, my friends, would be a sin.

We then took a stroll at the Promenade and it was a treat for all of us.  You see, Selah hadn’t been there before and although she won’t remember anything about it, we at least have these pictures to show her when she’s old enough.

It’s the little memories that matter, you know?  And whether it be a big or small event, I want to capture everything that comes my way.

Urth Caffe // Santa Monica

2327 Main St. Santa Monica, CA 90405

310.314.7040 // website // Yelp

Have you been to Santa Monica?  If so, what places did you love?

What dessert has been remarkable to you as of late?  Do you prefer traditional or innovative recipes?