Much Needed Girl Time

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One of my best friends, Susan whom you might recall from my wedding related posts, drove to our area for dinner on Thursday.  After a full day of work and countless of overtime shifts, she was more than happy to brave the LA traffic and drove to the South Bay! Man, I’m really blessed with sacrificial friends.  Open-mouthed smile susan-me-mitsuwa-collage

She first came to my house and then we went to Mitsuwa Marketplace in Torrance in the same car, all while Greg watched Selah.  Susan is all about the Japanese stuff and was thrilled that we have a Mitsuwa right down the street!

If you’ve never been to a Mitsuwa store, then let me preface this with the fact that there are about 8 different food businesses all lined up one after another!  And they’re all delicious.  We chose Miyabi-Tei and I ordered the chicken donburri and udon combo.

Donburri normally consists of rice, an egg mixture, and your choice of meat.  It is slightly sweet and perfectly salted!  Udon is another traditional Japanese dish consisting of wheat based noodles and a light broth with veggies.  The veggies are definitely not the main ingredient here, but the chopped scallions rend an amazing and strong flavor.

Wow.  This is probably the most carbloaded meal I’ve had in forever!  But that day called for some comfort food over a SERIOUS LIFE CONVERSATION.  Heh!  I seriously appreciate any time I get to see my friends…they’re heaven sent.


Then Friday rolled around.  Selah and I got some groceries done and man oh man, is she getting spunky!  I can count up to 10 times when she kept leaning in the grocery cart to grab everything in the aisles!  She thought it was funny so I kind of humored her, haha.

I was pretty tired and sleepy by 3:30 PM which is typical for me.  I got myself a McDonald’s coffee, only to find out later from a friend that they never clean their filters!  And this girl knows her research and sources, so I kind of freaked out after hearing that. Eeeek!

I guess I’ll keep those to a minimum and only for caffeine withdrawal emergencies.


It’s been so much fun playing with Selah as she’s discovering how much fun household items can be.  Note, I’m one of those moms who do all the silly things you can think of to her daughter. Smile with tongue out

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And today’s breakfast included two slices of toasted bread, smeared with almond butter, greek yogurt, blueberries, cooked plantain, and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Now I’m craving this again!

Have a beautiful weekend you guys!

What do you and your friends normally do when you meet up?

What are your favorite coffee chains?

-Starbucks and Coffee Bean!  Starbucks because they’re everywhere, and Coffee Bean because everything tastes bold but not burnt.


Ellie <33