Scenes from Manhattan Beach

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As I get older, it’s becoming quite clear that I thoroughly enjoy having family around.  Whenever I get notified that my in-laws are coming to town, I suddenly turn into a kid tossing and turning the night before her trip to Disneyland. Okay so, I don’t exactly toss and turn, but you know what I mean. Smile  Although their stay in Cali was barely 3 days long this time around,  we had such a great time playing with Selah, and more specifically going to Manhattan Beach.


When I suggested that we go to the beach I was actually thinking of Hermosa Beach, but since I’m still getting used to the cool places in the South Bay area I accidentally drove us to Manhattan.



The reason Hermosa Beach was my #1 choice is that it is extremely pedestrian friendly, particularly for moms who are pushing baby strollers.  I think Manhattan focuses more on the stores and restaurants, where people drop by to eat or drink and take a casual stroll on the sand.  On the other hand, I recall Hermosa being filled with large families and new mommies playing with their babies, which is what I was aiming for two days ago.

I still enjoyed our little trip simply because I was with two of my favorite people in the world—Selah and Gramma Betzen!


Errmm please disregard the awkward hold I had on Selah!


After walking for about 30 minutes on the pier and up-and-down the hills (you’d probably know what I mean if you’ve been there), we made a pit stop at Starbucks and the Manhattan Beach Creamery.  The sweet fragrance dancing its out of the shop pulled us in and before we knew it, my mother in law ended up with a Banana Fosters ice cream in her hands, while I got the pink lemonade cupcake.


We promise we have no idea how it all happened.  Someone must have knocked us unconscious and forced us to buy these guys.

Let me tell you though—that cupcake was finger lickin’ good!  It was extremely moist and zesty enough to make a lemony statement.  Because you know me…I love all things lemon flavored when it comes to dessert.

I’m kind of daydreaming about this cupcake now…and I can’t wait to see the family again!   And you can call me a cry baby all you want, but I’m pretty stoked to see them in 1.5 weeks.  Yes, in less than 2 weeks they’ll be here just to hang out, but also because our 2 year marriage anniversary is coming up and they offered to watch Selah—although I have a feeling that Selah is their main priority rather than the anniversary. Smile with tongue out

Also, this super easy recipe that requires minimal preparation will be here on Saturday's post!  It will be a great way to use leftover pasta sauce.

Cheesy Bread and Basil Casserole

Have you been to Manhattan Beach before?  If so, what was your favorite thing about it?

My favorite dessert flavour would have to be ________.


Ellie <33