Thinking Out Loud of DIYs, Babies, and Animal Prints

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Happy Thursday, dear friends!  I’d like to thank all of you for the way you’ve expressed encouragement on my post about JOY.  It isn’t always easy to talk about “serious” topics like that because I never know the outcome of it all. Since today is good old Thursday I’ll spare you the long intro and move on to Amanda’s link-up!


1.  Even though I don’t consider myself to be the least bit of a DIY queen, I do enjoy them once I get motivated.  And once I get started.  Which is probably the hardest part, heh!  Does anybody want to take a wild guess as to what project I’m starting up?  Wood slabs, boards….DIY-food-color-board2

2.  Acrylic paint, brushes…Yup, it is indeed a color board prop for food photos!  I was debating whether I should paint it brown, black, pastel green or pink, till I finally buckled down and made myself decide on these two beautiful hues.  I think they’ll be great for that au naturel sort of look, which will hopefully convey a somewhat clean-cut yet moody type of emotion in my photos.  It’s definitely a challenge to figure out my style of photography because there are just too many that I love!  But thank goodness I have fun experimenting because I feel like I constantly learn something new.   Hopefully this project turns out a success!

*fingers crossed*DIY-food-photo-color-board

3.  I have no idea what’s gotten into me lately, but I love all things animal when it comes to fashion.  Be it leopard prints, animal faces—and apparently they all turn out to be felines.

Here’s our good buddy Orion the Lion basking in the setting sun—pretty much doing what he does best.  I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Greg and I always joke around with Orion.  I mean, he is so large even for a male cat, and to top it off he literally acts and even meows as if he were a walrus making that “auh auhhhh” noise!  How can we help but to tease him when he lies out in the sun like one, too?  Smile with tongue out  By the way, doesn’t he sport a beautiful coat?


I didn’t realize that these slippers were Hello Kitty.  Thanks, mom!



And umm…This H&M cat tee which caught my eye right away!  Nevermind that I also have another black H&M sweater with a tiger’s face on the shoulder area, haha.  Fashion should be fun!  It can be as creative or as tame as you want it to be…as long as you follow H&M’s motto, “if it makes you happy, wear it.” Winking smile 

4.  Selah is already 9 months, you guys!  She hit the 9 month mark on March 16 and I couldn’t feel any more SHOCKED.  It literally seems like a few weeks ago she was barely able to hold her head up straight.  WHOA.

The past 3 months have been extremely fun and exciting, more so than the previous ones.  Why, you ask?  Because Selah has been reaching so many milestones like almost crawling, of which she shows no interest for some reason, standing on her own by holding onto her playpen, and laughing at literally everything.


iPhone photo

The only unfortunate thing about her further cognitive development is that she shows more of her own WILL, and she also protests for a good 5-10 min before taking her nap.  My method of soothing her to sleep is to caress her hair, hum a song, and go right out the door.  This way she doesn’t become needy and knows that she has to soothe herself to eventually fall asleep.  I’d say it’s been working really well!


5.  This!  My sister sent me one of our favorite childhood pictures the other day and said that Selah looks a lot like me when I was a baby—except for the fact that her eyes are much bigger than mine, of course.



I think she’s right!  Or maybe it’s wishful thinking since she’s so stinkin’ cute?  Haha.

Have you ever made your own color board or props for photography?

Do you wear fashion with animal statements on it?  If so, what type is your favorite?


Ellie <33