How to Get Started on a Weight Loss Plan+Meeting Song of Style

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Today’s post is all about ideas to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle and slim down while you’re at it!  I was inspired to write this post by two individuals:  a friend who specifically asked me to make a {loose} plan of healthy meals and workouts, and Aimee Song of Song of style.  Ahem, whom I had the pleasure to meet last week, ahem….Say what?!  But more on that at the bottom of the post, hehe.

Anyway, people I know ask me for dietary advice quite often even if I’m not an RD, but I still felt so honored that someone wanted a detailed plan and was willing to put in some hard work!  So pretty much every meal and snack I feature in this post is an idea of what I eat regularly—unless it’s a semi-healthy dish or just plain indulgent—then I always leave some wiggle room and “let loose”, haha.  Most of you know that my philosophy is most definitely not crash dieting, because for most people that can lead to future {extra} weight gain and mental burnout.  Not to mention, it’s a surefire way to get yourself an eating disorder if you’re not careful.  As crude as that sounds it is an heartbreaking problem our world is facing today.

Like I always say, what works for my body might not work as well for yours, but I eat in a manner that is 75% healthy+25% lenient.  This way I can enjoy everything I eat without ever feeling restricted.

 The pictures make it rather self explanatory, but if you’d like more details please feel free to ask!  You can find the strawberries and coconut cream smoothie and cajun mac ‘n cheese recipes on the links.  Of course, I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that I eat like this everyday.  I would say that it’s a great way to start and then taper off into more leniency, kind of like the polenta and nutritional yeast crusted chicken we had last night….Let me tell you though, it was a good one!

Meeting Aimee of Song of Style

Like I mentioned earlier, I got to meet Aimee last Thursday evening!  She was hosting an event at the Beverly Center Ann Taylor store in honor of Kate Hudson’s black dress creation.  I literally drove there last minute because Greg offered to watch Selah and got there 15 min. before the closing.

I am so glad I got there late because the crowds were gone and I had Aimee all to myself.  We surprisingly were able to talk about many things like prayer, blogging, healthy living, and staying in shape.  Since Aimee’s work requires her to stay in shape and slim, she mentioned that she needs to start eating better and exercising.

Thus, I felt inspired to hopefully motivate others to pursue a healthier lifestyle not only for weight loss, but also to live a more fulfilling life.  Meeting Aimee and her sister Dani was such a pleasure, and seeing Aimee’s humility in her field of work is so inspiring!  You don’t see that very often, right?

Have you met bloggers whom you’ve “hoped to run into someday”? 

How do you incorporate healthy meals into your day?  Are you all or nothing, or somewhat lenient?

Which fashion blogs do you love?