March Favorites

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I probably should have published this post on Tuesday but the excitement to post the green tea éclairs recipe got the best of me; thus, here I am sharing my March Favorites 3 days late!

Food Love


Okay I fess up!  This just happened yesterday.  So it technically should be an April favorite, but why don’t we just go with the flow on this one? Winking smile

A dear sister from church, whom I consider a sweet friend and little sister all at the same time, joined me in this wonderful mommy-baby lunch date at one of the cutest cafes near us—Berlin Coffeehouse in Long Beach.  This cafe provides an ultra chic and relaxed experience with its rustic slash modern architecture.  But the best part of all was the kind service and yumtastic meal!

I got the kale salad which included sunflower seeds, fresh feta, avocado, sprouts, and a few other ingredients.  Everything about this dish was explosive even though it’s just a salad and I cannot wait to remake it at home.  Salads may not always look like much but they can be surprisingly awesome in terms of heartiness and flavor!


We both shared garlic fries and ooh’d and aah’d with every bite we took.  The spicy harissa sauce (roasted red pepper base sauce) topped it off and complemented the fresh garlicky taste perfectly if I say so myself.  Berlin Coffeehouse is one of those places that leave their mark on your taste buds and little book of good memories, and I can’t wait to go back soon with Greg!

Fitness Love

  • Vinyasa and Power Yoga


I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been following Ali’s yoga classes on Youtube, and let me tell you something…they are the best.  Never in my life have I been this “addicted” to yoga, which explains my forced self restraint from practicing it more than 3x per week.

Ali has a yoga routine for everyone’s need and not only are they challenging, but her instructions make everything doable.  Oh, so you can't stick your leg out to the side while you're in a pretzel position?  No problem.  Some of my favorite ones can be quite lengthy so I usually end up cutting them short.  I think that Ali’s classes along with some new HIIT circuits I’ve come up with recently have contributed to my overall change in physique, energy levels, and strength. Smile

Fun Love

  • Mommy and Baby Dates


I really need to make more time to stop and smell the roses!  With other moms, that is.  Yesterday’s luncheon with Shannen and the girls was much needed and good for the soul!  If you’re a mom reading this I highly encourage you to get out and talk to other women.  It’s not only edifying but it also helps you recharge to do that much more of a better job with your little one!

  • Frozen

I have to be honest here.  It took me about two times of watching Frozen (coming in and out of it due to a busy baby, haha) to actually like it.  Actually, scratch that.  I love it!  Initially I didn’t understand why everyone raved so much about the music but alas, I am now one of “those” who sing Let it go, let it go over and over.  And to make matters worse, there’s a beautiful Korean rendition by some famous Korean singers; you must watch!  Here’s the link.

I already wrote about this book on my JOY post, but it deserves to be mentioned again.  It is eye opening and quite soothing to the soul, so if you’re looking for a great book about self worth, identity, love—it’s all in here.

  • DIY Photo Props



I am glad to report that my DIY photo color boards turned out to be a success!  At least in my opinion, haha.  I literally just grabbed the brush and painted my heart out without much thought to it.  Instead of trying to perfect the paint job by making it seep into the cracks, I painted it with rough strokes so that it sports somewhat of that vintage feel.  It didn’t turn 100% perfect but I’m happy with it. Open-mouthed smile  I have seen this awesome DIY distressed wood photo backdrop tutorial by Love and Olive Oil before, so if you want step-by-step instructions you’re in luck!

Past Monthly Favorites:

Tell me about some of your favorites this month, or as of late!