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Oh wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve shared a workout with you guys!  Somehow in-between recipes, life stuff, and profound writing, my fitness related posts have fallen through the cracks, but fortunately my personal devotion to fitness has been alive and well.  You see, working out is one of my passions and what I consider to be me time, so squeezing in 16 min. a day isn’t all that difficult.  I genuinely enjoy the way it makes me feel! The following routine which I dearly call the Warrior HIIT Workout looks extremely dull and mundane at first glance, but trust me on this one…it burns oh-so-good that your muscles will be begging for mercy the next day!  It’s one of the workouts that have been helping my cardio levels and muscle definition while burning fat.  I’ve been practicing it about once a week for about a month now, and since I try to perfect my form and become faster each time I do it there is nothing to be bored about.  Ever.


Demonstrations of some exercises:

Kicking Crabs

Hindu Pushups

Life Lately


Life has been awesome despite the recurrent earthquake aftershocks in the city my parents live, although it seems to have stopped altogether for the last 2 days!

This week I had another blogger meet up with Lisa from Lisa Laughs.  We first started “talking” when she found my blog and realized that we both are from the South Bay area, although she had moved away to the Caribbean and is now back in Cali.  The only downside to this is that she currently resides in Norcal so she will only be here when she visits her family.  Meeting Lisa was one of those moments that I consider completely appointed by God because of how much we were a source of encouragement to each other!  She brought her most adorable baby, Kyle, who’s only one month younger than Selah.  We walked for approximately 3 miles while talking about everything we could fit into 1.5 hours.

Check this out, guys.  Lisa single handedly flew with her 8 month old baby!  Now that’s what I call a trooper mom because the mere thought of doing that gives me a headache, hah!

Lisa is such a sweet soul and I’m thrilled that I finally have a friend in the South Bay!  Not to mention, both our kiddos will grow up being play pals.  Heck, having a mommy friend in itself is a miracle right now since it’s still a pretty new concept to me.

And my eats have been a rotation of my usual with a few twists here and there for dinner.  Lunch is still simple yet oh-so-good.  Purple cabbage and onion sauteed in sesame, water, and a little bit of soy sauce, topped with turkey, avocado, and plenty of sriracha.  Mmmm!


Did you also know that you can make fresh whipped cream in the blender?  I just thought of it last night because I was craving cake, so I decided to whip up some heavy cream with Stevia in the Magic Bullet, and voila.  It came together in 20 seconds with no mess to clean up because as much as I adore my stand mixer, there are days when even taking it out becomes too much work.  Anyone out there feel the same?


I decided to slather some of the whipped cream on my green tea éclairs and it totally satisfied my craving for cake.  Oh gosh, I’m such a cake fiend.


This is extremely random…but I’ve been finding inspiration in photographing the strangest items like this mailbox.  I don’t know, I guess there’s something intriguing about everyday objects that have recently caught my attention.  Haha!  I’m so random sometimes but I’m definitely starting to embrace that part about my personality.

What’s a recent accidental discovery you’ve made with food, as in you didn’t think it would turn out at first?

If you’ve met bloggers before, how was your experience, and were you able to stay in contact?

What results have you seen from HIIT workouts?

Tell me something random about yourself!