Abs & Cardio: Why High Knees are Awesome

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly

As a fitness and food blogger I am always curious to know what exercise moves my fellow enthusiasts resort to.  I personally have a handful of moves that I fall back on and add at least one of them to every one of my routines. 

Pushup burpees, mountain climbers, and high knees are just a few of them.  Haha yep, burpees are surprisingly in my “nice” list!  But today I want to talk about high knees—a move that I tend to include in a lot of my circuits. 

Dun dun dun…

Ohhhh the dreaded high knees that make me wheeze like a golden retriever playing frisbee, but make me feel oh-so-refreshed after all is said and done. 

I know how challenging it can be to get your butt moving sometimes, but what people say is true...You never regret a workout, so let's keep breaking out of our comfort zone--whether it be in our fitness journey, spiritual life, or even opportunities that come our way.

And here's a picture from years ago when I posted the "Big 5 Workout"!  Oh my goodness, I can't believe this was even before I got married.  Time really does fly, you guys.


How to Perform High Knees

I’m not trying to dumb it down for you, but it is probably one of the most basic moves you can perform!  Literally, it’s you running in place while bringing your knees as high up as humanly possible and as fast as you can.  Well…you probably don’t want to knee yourself in the forehead, but you know what I mean.  : ) 

When doing this move make sure to keep your back straight and let your arms move naturally, meaning  that the arm opposite your high knee should come forward like when you run.  As always, keep your core engaged and tight--even if it kills you!

Benefits of High Knees

·         Super convenient move if you’re in a small area.

·         No need of equipment—just your legs!

·         You don’t have to touch the floor or worry about germs .

·         AMAZING CARDIO!  Your heart will pound after 2 short minutes of running in place.

·         If performed with good posture you will work your calves.  They will be more defined as opposed to bulky.

·         Abs should stay engaged, so they will become stronger and you will see ab definition in the end.

·         Easy to incorporate after each exercise you perform.  IE, after strength training moves.

High knees may not look like much but they’re a killer form of cardiovascular exercise.  It's easy to incorporate them in circuits and they rend great calorie-burning and toning results.



I can't believe I haven't tried ground quinoa porridge till now!  I basically cooked it like oatmeal, but the only difference was that it cooked a lot faster since the quinoa is pulverized.  Selah gave it a "thumbs up" so I don't know if that tells you anything.  Well to be honest, she loves all foods that are healthy except for avocado so far, hah!  I guess I can't complain though, can I?


Greg and I have been loving this lightened up enchilada casserole I improvised the other night.  It's so good paired up with my guacamole, which I really think tastes just like Chipotle's version...just sayin'. :)