April Favorites

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

One of the many virtues I learned at a young age—and quite successfully, mind you—is the importance of sharing.  I love to come across different things each month and share them with you, because it keeps this community that much more fun and interesting!

I’m always curious to know which products, foods, or fitness related things you’ve tried as well, so please feel free to share them in the comments.  It always makes my day when someone trusts my recommendations so I hope you enjoy my April Favorites!

Food Love

Quinoa Protein Pancakes


I would say that my quinoa protein pancakes were a definite success!  The other day I cooked up a huge batch for me and Selah, and that same batch lasted us for a good 4 days.  It was probably the closest thing to doing food prep for me…actually, scratch that.  The month right before Selah was born was the closest thing to food prep.  Now, that’s what I call crunch time.

Okay so, out of curiosity I just googled "quinoa pancakes" because I really thought I was the only creative one out there.  But I was wrong, haha!  I guess my version is another addition to the gazillion recipes out there now.  You're so very welcome. :)

Blue Diamond Mocha Almonds


Three words. 

Mocha flavored almonds!

I know. I was a little too giddy last week when I came across the snack aisle at the store and found these gems from Blue Diamond.  I can’t guarantee that the caffeine will actually affect you because I haven’t eaten that many at once to vouch for it.  However, I know it’s delicious and perfect on yogurt and oatmeal!

Bear Naked Granola


Bear Naked Granola makes some amazing stuff.  Although there are some versions that aren’t quite as crunchy as I like them to be, this protein one is definitely a winner.  It is extra clumpy and crisp which makes it the perfect topping to add to my breakfast.

Beauty Finds

Dabo Face Masks


I am far from being one of those people who take great care of their skin.  My mom, on the other hand, is always in the know when it comes to beauty products as well as what works and what doesn’t.  She often gives me little goodies like these Korean face masks from a company called Dabo, and I usually end up loving all her recs. 

Since LA weather has been not only scorching hot, but also as dry as reptile’s skin, my face has been chapping like crazy.  I naturally have extremely dry skin so living anywhere that isn’t raining half of the time can pretty much affect my complexion.  Well, these face masks are amazing in that they moisturize my face and create that dewy effect.  The cucumber one is pretty good, but my favorite one is the collagen mask.  It's perfect for days before special events!

Fitness Love


I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I said that you can get a brutal workout by merely using socks.  I’ve been using socks and my hello kitty slippers to get in some fitness and let me tell you—it’s been so good for my core strength and ab definition!  I am hoping I’ll get around to sharing the routine with you guys very soon.

Motherhood Moments


One of the quirks of being with Selah all day is that I get to see every single thing she does!  The other day she took her routine shots, and as you can guess that doctor's visit wore her out.  It was so endearing to see her jumping her heart out and then dozing off while “working” so hard. Haha!  *gush*

Past Monthly Favorites

What are some of your April Favorites?

What beauty products do you love and recommend?