Baby Selah-Isms

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Hey guys, I hope you are having a stupendous week so far! 

Our healthy living journey isn't just about great food and grueling workouts as much as it is about laughing our way through the day. 



Obviously Selah isn't even 1 year old yet so she can't really talk...but after seeing the post on Eleanorisms from Love Taza, I just had to share what goes on in Selah's mind.  :)  Greg and I joke around in the weirdest way you can ever imagine so don't be surprised if you start seeing us go a bit crazy every now and then.  At least our loved ones are used to us by now.  Or so I think.  Right, guys?!



Nom...these corn puff thingies are the jam.  I wonder what else I can get my sticky lil hands on.  (yes, mommy hates the word 'nom' too)


Gramma, you're crampin' my style, mmm'kay?

Yeahh, Imma just leave my {super expensive} toy here behind me while I play with your Kind Bar, cuz I'm a baby and apparently you can't figure me out...

Can someone please make them shut up?  What to do, what to do...right!  I'll just do my cute dance thing until they stop.


Hmm...if only I could figure out what those tiny sausages attached to my feet are...


I've got two words for you.  Thug life.  Just wait  a year till I can throw up a sign or somethin'.

Hope you enjoyed some of these Selah-isms, and I really look forward to the day when she can really talk! But then again, I probably should savor these quiet years when she's not asking "why" about everything, haha.  Have a blessed rest of the day!

What are some really funny -isms you've heard, or used to say as a kid?