Green Tooth, Sweet Tooth

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Somebody has been slacking when it comes to joining Jenn’s WIAW editions, and I don’t have the slightest idea of who that might be. Smile I just realized today that the latest What I Ate Wednesday series has to do with keeping it green and healthy.  I was pretty excited about that because I’m all for healthy eating and getting in as many vegetables in our bodies as possible!  But let’s remember that in the end, the definition of being healthy means that moderation and holistic health are far more important than obsessing about eating 100% clean.  Sure, I believe that there’s a time and place for going 100% “clean” with our eating habits for various personal reasons, and after all, it is a good way to keep our bodies cleansed from time to time, but enjoying the small things in life like these devilishly cute cupcakes every now and then is healthy for both mind and soul.


What’s the point of striving for health if we can’t let ourselves have some fun while we’re at it, right?  And these cupcakes?  I’ll get to them in a minute.

As it turns out, I finally gave in to everyone’s advice and got myself a Snoogle pillow last weekend.  I have to be honest and say that for the most part it has been doing wonders for my sleep and I was able to catch up on some zzzzz’s for at least 2 nights in a row.  However, last night was a whole different story.  As with everything else that I’ve been blaming on my pregnancy hormones, I’m also blaming those same hormones for my tossing and turning and getting merely 2 hours of sleep last night—maybe 3 hours, but that’s about it.  If you saw me at work today you would have been kind of worried for me, haha.  But I just kept praying and pressing on for physical and mental strength because I knew I couldn’t do it on my own.

Lately I’ve been loving freshly squeezed juice after dinner, because it helps prevent any bit of queasiness or indigestion that I might experience afterwards.


Particularly grapefruit juice!  Last week I scored some big honkin’, juicy grapefruits at the Filipino market where they were on sale at 3 for $1!  Mmm-hmmm.



Luckily I was being quite the planner last night despite my type AB personality.  I whipped up a creamy bowl of overnight oats and started cooking some chicken in the crockpot.  Now, you have to give me some credit for doing all this because I’m far from being a planner and I SO wish that I was more of an A-type individual.  Smile with tongue out

The oatmeal bowl consisted of:

  • 1/3 C oats
  • splash of milk+water
  • chia seeds
  • mashed banana
  • frozen blueberries
  • Artisana coconut butter
  • granola
  • peanut butter+Greg’s Reese’s cereal


I always pack my lunch whenever I go to work because it saves me money and allows me to consume as many vegetables as possible.


I had a little bit of Chipotle leftovers from another day, so I mixed it with some roasted brussel sprouts, tomatoes, avocado, and gouda cheese.  It was such a satisfying and heart-healthy meal!

And since my favorite cupcake shop is located just about two blocks away from work, I stopped by to try their key lime and s’mores cupcake.  I had a few bites of each and took the rest home for Greg.


I’ve got three words for you guys—they were amazing!  The key lime wasn’t as strong as I’d like it to be, but it was still finger lickin’ good.



By the time that 4 o’clock rolled around, I was pretty hungry so I refueled myself with Chobani’s new pear flavor.



I mentioned yesterday that our 1 year anniversary is coming up this weekend, and if you recall the time that we came back from our honeymoon in Kauai, I wasted no time in remaking the most amazing quesadilla ever, which is what I ordered at one of the restaurants and have been dreaming of since!  Lately the more I think about our anniversary, the more I miss those pulled chicken quesadillas, so I used this recipe last night to make the pulled chicken in the crock pot.  Dinner came together in a flash tonight after I was done with work thanks to the crock pot,because all I had to do was warm up some tortillas on the skillet, toss in some cheddar along with the meat, flatten, flip, and voila!  And of course, we had to have some guacamole to top it off. Open-mouthed smile  I was quite proud of all the energy I had since I was even able to make some more for the young people at church, yay!

I hope you have a beautiful day guys and keep it cool!

Have you been adopting the ‘moderation’ philosophy of eating, or do you go to one extreme or the other?

What dish reminds you of a special time or a trip with your loved ones?


Ellie <33

First Time Foods

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Everybody has an experience of ‘firsts’ every now and then, whether it be your first time trying Indian food, taking your workouts outside, or something even as monumental as being pregnant with your first child.  Welp, today I want to talk about a few awesome things that happen to be my firsts as seemingly small as they may be!  Open-mouthed smile iceddrink

BAM!!!  Let’s please take a moment of silence and behold this beauty that we deem to be the Caramel Macchiato over ice.  Oh my word.  How come I’ve never tried this gloriously creamy and most refreshing drink?!  Oh yeah, that’s because I was never a fan of sweet drinks to begin with, let alone if they constituted of gazillion ingredients that would do nothing but hurt my taste buds and mask the taste of true coffee.  No one messes with my coffee and cappuccinos because you see, I’m a purist when it comes to my beloved caffeine addiction…That is until now that I’m pregnant, and until just this morning when I saw the tempting drinks that Katie and Courtney allured my sweet-drink-virgin-eyes with. Smile

I guess some food/drink preferences have drastically changed in me now that I have Selah living in my stomach, but we’ll see how long that will last.  Haha!  I ordered the drink just about 30 minutes ago and I’m still sipping on it as I type because it’s still too sweet for me despite my request for “less caramel”.  I’m actually waiting for my car to be serviced at the Honda center in Buena Park (right around my parents’ hood) and since there’s a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf about a block away I decided to be un-American and walk to CBTL!  I’m kind of amazed that I walked on the streets of Orange County because that rarely happens for those of us who own a car.  It’s actually kind of sad that in most of the U.S.  we barely get to walk outside, and the only daily walk we might get is from the garage to the car and to the store.  That is, if we’re lucky…


After a filling hot oatmeal breakfast I had a glass of homemade fruit+veggie juice.  I used my trusty Breville juicer two nights ago to make a huge pitcher of fresh, healthy juice.  This mixture contains really sweet grapefruit, apple, kale, celery, and carrot.  It’s still a bit more on the tart and bitter-ish side due to the grapefruit, but it’s super refreshing and helpful for my digestion—not to mention the fact that I’m trying to cleanse my system because I can only take so many days of irregularity.


Lunch today consisted of a large salad plate with Trader Joe’s organic baked tofu (so delicious!), a pan fried egg, cheddar, tomato, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette, and one of my favorite additions to any salad—slices of pepperoccini.  I loved the addition of TJ’s baked tofu in my salad because as you know I’m an omnivore and not at all vegan or vegetarian, so it’s really nice to be able to switch up the protein for some meals because let’s face it, who likes to eat meat for EVERY SINGLE MEAL every single day?  Not I, that’s for sure. Smile


And this is how big my belly has gotten lately!  I think Selah is going through a major growth spurt right now because there are days when I have trouble with swift mobility and I definitely feel bigger and heavier in my stomach area.  Hmmm I think I might be hitting that stage where I’ll start waddling like a penguin.

Sleeping has been quite the challenge because I’ve been struggling to actually fall asleep and sometimes my body gets super restless!  I’m also thinking that I can’t sleep with a regular couch pillow between my knees anymore, and I’ll just have to suck it up and spend some money to buy a Snoogle.

Aside from my terrible sleep pattern, everything has been rather smooth with this pregnancy.  I haven’t spotted any stretch marks [yet] and I’m hoping to keep it that way by faithfully lathering some Mustela Double-Action cream after seeing Veronika’s rave about the product!  Something about the non-sticky and easy to rub consistency makes me actually want to slap it on my skin, and the smell reminds me of an Argentinean sunscreen that I used to wear as a child!  Hehe, I love those little memories.

Have a glorious day and talk to you soon.  Peace!

What’s your go-to drink order at coffee shops?

How do you get your protein everyday?  Do you tend to switch things up a lot?

Any suggestions to sleep better for this sleep deprived pregnant woman? : )


Ellie <33

Pregnancy Weight Gain: Fat or Muscle?

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Whenever I see the outcome of somebody being reminded of the beautiful things in life through my posts—though they’re not exactly what I would classify as life-altering, yet a blessing nonetheless—I am reminded of why I love to share my thoughts on this blog.  I have you guys to thank for that and as God would put it in His own words, it’s all about that one soul that’s craving to be blessed!  So I hope you experience that whenever you’re here. Smile I’m kind of hoping that you’re not sick of reading about pregnancy this and pregnancy that, because I’m sure you already get your fair share of pregnancy posts in your Google Reader from so many of us being expectant moms right now, hehe.  MOMMY POWER, UNITE!  Okay sorry for that cheesiness…

What I’m about to talk about today is something that’s meant to clear up the confusion in my head, while hopefully helping another woman out there with her own pregnancy concerns.

While I’m not exactly plagued with worry about pregnancy weight gain like I thought I would be (thank goodness), I do have a load of questions that are waiting to be answered.  Perhaps what I’m looking for is simple reassurance from experienced moms, or even those who have witnessed the whole journey of pregnancy weight gain of others who were trying to stay as healthy and as fit as possible through it all.  I am fully aware that a reasonable amount of weight gain is a must in order to have a healthy child, and sometimes it is inevitable for the vast majority of us.  It’s the way our bodies are made.  It will probably happen to 90% of us!  However, I have to confess that so far I’ve “gained” approximately 20 lbs. as of 3 weeks ago, according to my doctor!  The healthy number that is recommended for most women ranges somewhere in between 25-35 lbs.

Uhhhh I don’t know if anyone else sees a discrepancy here.  But I’m just about 3 months away from giving birth and I’ve already plowed through the low 20’s so far and I am only 5’1”.  Perhaps my weight will balance itself out in the coming months, and I truly hope that that is the case for the sake of Selah.  And well, it definitely doesn’t hurt a momma’s ego when she’s able to stay fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy. Smile with tongue out

My question is, however, is this weight coming from actual fat or muscle gain?!  To be quite honest I’m kind of stomped on that one.

As you already know, I’ve been active for a long time pre-pregnancy as well as throughout the whole journey.  Even up to this day, I’m still enjoying breaking out in buckets of sweat and working on strengthening my muscles through light weights and ballet inspired routines.  My theory is that the extra pounds are coming from the baby and I have to take into account that there are elements being formed within my stomach, and any workout that I do will be like holding 10 lb. dumbbells on each hand (10+10=20 lbs)  Therefore, all the plies and releves that I’ve been performing are most likely done with “heavy weights” in theory, if that makes any sense.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is that I’m a teeny bit nervous about going in to see my ob-gyn today.  Even though she can see that aside from my belly growing I obviously don’t look like I’ve gained much weight myself (or at least I don’t think so), she seems to be seeing it through the “BMI SCALE LENSES.”  Now, I love my doctor and I’m somewhat comforted by the fact that she last told me not to worry about it, since she will be measuring me weekly and everything else about me is perfectly healthy.  But then again, she did tell me that I need to slow down a bit or be more careful so I don’t end up gaining too much weight!  Now I’m a bit confused as to what all of this means:  is it fat, or is it muscle?

I feel like it’s not fat because I look the same as pre-pregnancy for the most part, and I do think it might be water bloat and some extra muscle…but my mind keeps telling me that it’s actually unhealthy fat and I need to get rid of it for the sake of a healthy baby and delivery, and I keep doubting myself that I’m at a healthy weight range.  I certainly don’t want that “mommy guilt” to take over me because that wouldn’t be good for Selah, but I’m pretty confused as to what I should go by.  Is the doctor right?  Or should I go by my own instincts?  Will my doctor tell me to lose some weight?  I certainly hope not!  Or, will she really take everything into consideration and give me the OK to continue with what I’ve been doing? 

I hope this isn’t coming off as whining or complaining to you guys, but I am genuinely curious to read your thoughts on this matter.  Although I already seem to know the answer the truth is that I don’t know.  Is this just like the dreaded case of BMI LENSES where the doctor tells you that you’re overweight simply because of 2 numbers that you input into the calculator?  Or is this something I should be wary of and actually take into consideration?  I know these seem like minute problems to some of you, and it can be!  But it doesn’t hurt to provoke some insight so that we can all come to a healthy resolution on this.  Any feedback is much appreciated.

Awesome Combo

Before I check out for the day, I wanted to share the wonderful sweet and salty combination I had this morning!


You see that English muffin with the bite mark?  That would be a toasted multigrain English muffin with melted Gouda cheese, fruit preserves, and walnuts on top!  The creaminess of the Gouda and the tangy sweetness from the preserves makes this simple breakfast a heavenly, gooey combo.  Open-mouthed smile  Do give it a try!

Greg and I are going to our doctor’s visit today and then we have a date planned at Color Me Mine to finish up a project that we started for his mom.  Afterward, we might take a walk at the park if the sun doesn’t disappear on us, along with some maternity clothes shopping that he’s been badgering me about, hah!  I have a gift card to use up and I’m pretty excited!

I hope you have a great day and make someone smile, because we’re all fighting a battle.

Any thoughts on pregnancy weight gain?


Ellie <33

Cherish Every Moment and 24 Weeks

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Did you know that some babies in the womb start to move as early as 16 weeks into pregnancy?  I’m not quite sure if I’ve mentioned this to you yet, but little Selah has been choreographing her own “dance routine” in my belly ever since what I believe to be the 18th week!  Smile It is absolutely one of the coolest, most beautiful, miraculous, and laughter inducing feelings in the world—so much so that I constantly look down at my belly to check out the spams that look as if a tiny little creature were trying to POP right out of my skin.  You may call me crazy lady, but whenever I feel it and see it with my own eyes, I just can’t help but to burst out in giggles and constant laughter.  Yup, even in public! But that’s when I try to keep it as much on the down low as possible because let’s face it, who wants to be looked at as the crazy lady? Haha.

I thought I’d update you on my pregnancy status since right now I am already on my 24th week (6 months) and this Sunday will mark the 25th.


I'm feeling rather good and my appetite has pretty much stayed the same, not very hungry or snacky at all.  Every now and then, however, I want to eat a bigger meal than I'm used to but with a snack or two less on that given day.  Normally pre-pregnancy I used to eat 3 regular meals with 3-4 small snacks daily, and now I variate from 3 meals and 1 or 2 snacks a day.  Other than my appetite being somewhat consistent, I'm just as tired as I was at the beginning of the first trimester.  Fortunately, I always experience a bout of energy here and there and use up those times to stay active by hiking somewhere, doing Leah's routines, or getting a sweaty cardio session at the gym by walking on an incline, ellipticizing, or using the stepmill.  Oh yeah!  And my round ligaments are killing me like no other!  It is far easier to walk up a hill rather than on a flat surface; perhaps walking on a flat surface causes more impact.  The round ligament pain is almost as bad as the killer nocturnal cramps I've been getting on my calves.  You should see the comedic sight that is my right leg right now.  It's plastered with numerous Salon Pas patches and it looks so ridiculous it's actually kind of funny.  But it's all in the name of suffering out of love. :D

And moving on to some deeper stuff!

Wow, it's been six months already!  And I clearly remember announcing about my pregnancy like, yesterday!  What, wasn’t it yesterday?  Oh my goodness if this is how fast pregnancy flies by, then I’m a little bit apprehensive about how quickly Selah will grow up into a toddler, then into a high schooler, and then she’ll end up married before I know it!  Phew.  Okay I really had to get that out of my system and I hope you understand.

It’s no wonder the other day my dad told me these sweet and sentimental words:  “I feel like it was just yesterday that I would walk you to school in the streets of Argentina, trying to get you to class on time as you held my hand ever so tightly.  And now…my own little daughter is having a daughter of her own.  It’s just incredible how fast our lives move on.”  And then I thought, “thaaaat’s it!  This is too sweet and emotional for me—quick, somebody throw me a tissue!”  Since it is quite unusual for any older Korean man to speak in such a tender manner, let alone my dad who has the hardest time expressing his words aside from, “did you eat?”.  I guess some things do change for the better, huh? Open-mouthed smile


It goes without saying that it was definitely one of those conversations that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life!

And to conclude these thoughts I realized something today—something that I already knew yet noticed how easy it is to forget, all whilst taking a leisurely stroll with Greg on the beach right at sunset…


And that’s the fact that just like the sun itself which goes down within the blink of an eye, we have to be so careful to take in every moment and cherish it with much gratitude because we never know how quickly our lives may change right before our eyes.  Life is so ephemeral and it’s a phenomenon that I will never fully understand.  But as irony will have it, I was saying those thoughts aloud to Greg during our stroll and caught myself getting distracted by all these negative thoughts that were merely trying to take my eyes off of God and the precious moment I had with my husband.  Sad, I know.

I know I definitely don’t want that to be the case when other wonderful gifts present themselves before me, namely Selah.  And hey, why not cherish those times when things get tough?  Because they will get tough at one point or another as that is the inevitable characteristic of life.  In the end I want to be able to take something good from those experiences and cherish the revelations that I’ve received, instead of moaning and groaning about the woes of living.

On a much lighter note, here’s to hoping that tonight I’ll be thankful despite having to sleep on my side all the time, hah!  Last night I found myself tossing and waking up every other hour “wishing” back the days when I could sleep on my back.  Well, I guess I’ll try to cherish even the “difficulties” of pregnancy instead of wishing them away because I know that in the future I’ll be wishing for another child to be pregnant with.  And um, that might result in the form of having enough kids to form a cheerleading squad 10 years from now.  Not sure if that’s the way to go. Smile with tongue out


May you guys have a truly blessed and glorious weekend!

In what ways do you need to cherish your every moment?

Do you sometimes find yourself enjoying something, only to fall straight into the trap of negative thinking?


Ellie <33

Review of Ballet Body: Upper Body Ultra Sleek DVD

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Finally, the time has come to do my first review on Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body DVDs.  Yayyyy!  I wish you guys could see me right now as I flutter with excitement to spill the truth on these workouts!  I mostly have positive things to say about Leah’s routines, but I’m trying to pick out any possible negative aspects that could be used as a word of precaution for those of you who might be beginning exercisers, or if you have weakened bones and muscles due to past injuries.  But let’s face it, it is wise to be aware your own fitness level as well as where you stand with your health in the first place, so it goes without saying that Ballet Body should be used with caution as with any other fitness DVD out in the market.  Smile

Here is my breakdown on the Upper Body DVD:

  • All you need is a yoga mat and a pair of 2-5 lb. dumbbells.
  • It is mainly comprised of ballet style exercises, the graceful and gentle moves of pilates, and the concentration and relaxation of a yoga sequence.  Let me clarify that the ballet component is not real ballet per se--but more of a ballet conditioning routine.
  • The instruction is perfectly on cue and quite precise.  It is done in a voice-over fashion rather than the instructor shouting the next cue in your face.  She’s pretty serious, but I like that style because it allows me to focus my mind on what I’m doing rather than on the instructor.
  • Leah provides modifications for certain exercises.
  • It lasts for a total of 45 minutes.  25 minutes are spent doing floor work such as variations of planks, twists, holds, etc.  16 minutes are spent doing standing positions with different dumbbell exercises, which include a deadly amount of pulses and lifts.  The last 4 minutes are for stretching and they perfectly target the muscles that have been fatigued.  Leah goes deep into the stretches instead of doing them haphazardly, which is something that I’ve noticed many fitness instructors tend to do.
  • Leah starts up with a sequence of plank variations and does NOT play around!  Within the first minute or so you will probably be sweating due to your still-cold muscles.  It’s a tough 1 minute but don’t give up and just keep going!
  • She moves on to side plank movements that require you to balance yourself, which provides a good workout for the whole body, including the abdominal muscles, glutes, and legs.  She also includes circular movements that are miniscule, yet they effectively fatigue every muscle that is being targeted.
  • The standing sequence requires light dumbbells and Leah challenges you to defy your own limits!  There are endless amounts of small lifts and pulses, which allow the thinnest and most unknown muscle fibers to be worked out.  Thus, resulting in a more “firm” and “elongated” look.
  • You will sweat regardless of your fitness level because these moves are as unconventional, yet as effective as they can get.
  • The more you practice the more fun it gets!

Things you should be aware of:

  • If you have weak wrists you may experience some discomfort, but Leah says that this issue will slowly fade away if you keep at it.  After all, the wrist is composed of muscles too, so the more you work them the stronger they will get.  If you have something like Tendonitis however, I would strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor first.
  • Weak shoulder and back muscles might become more tender at first, so make sure to use the right weight for your level of fitness.  I use a 3 lb. dumbbell in each hand.
  • Proper form is VERY important to prevent injury since the same muscles are worked to fatigue, so make sure to listen to Leah’s directions.
  • You might have to stop several times throughout the routine, but that’s okay! Don’t let that stop you because every time you practice this DVD you will get better—one little pulse at a time. Suddenly one position that was seemingly impossible is quite possible.



I’ve tried the Upper Body DVD two times so far and as you can tell I am pretty stoked about it.  The picture above should tell you just how TOUGH this workout is!  Pretty much every time I exercise I end up looking sexy like this—drenched in sweat and with cheeks as rosy as a Cabbage Patch Doll.  Let me first tell you in all possible humility that I consider myself an advanced exerciser, and it’s all because I am serious when I work out.  Also, years of adopting this habit has allowed me to increase my cardiovascular health as well as muscle strength.  Even so, this is how I felt after giving this DVD a try for the first time.

I am not certain if it’s all in my head but the last time I saw myself in the mirror I noticed that my arms seemed a bit less muscular.  Rather, they looked more firm and toned in the right places.  Does that make sense at all?  I hope so.  Maybe this means that my arms will eventually look longer for this 5’1” gal? Winking smile  Haha, oh the blessings of being short and petite.

Well, I hope my thoughts on Leah Sarago’s work has helped you a bit!  Let me know if you have any questions and I will make sure to do my best and answer them.

My hope is that I will stick to these routines and give you more updates in the near future.  Next up is my first review for the Lower Body DVD.  Have a blessed weekend y’all!

Do you see changes in your physique and in your health after doing Pilates and yoga routines?

What did you think of this breakdown?  Do you need more details on it?


Ellie <33

A New Program with Leah Sarago

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Throughout this pregnancy I’m finding it easier to incorporate cardio in the form of the Stepmill—a cardio machine that I absolutely ADORE for various types of reasons, but that’s for another post. Although my love for strength training and bodyweight circuits hasn’t left me yet, I find it easier to just go with the flow and incorporate whatever my body craves on a given day.  Instead of strictly wanting to stick to the elliptical (which I find quite boring most of the time although sometimes I do crave it), I go to the gym with an open mindset.  When I get inside the gym and scout out for what looks fun and appealing at the time, I go ahead and make a plan right there and then.  I figure that doing what my body craves at the time really helps me stay motivated to keep pursuing fitness during pregnancy.  Again, what works for me may not work for somebody else, but that’s how I like to roll! Winking smile

And since I am a pretty random person and way too unstructured for my own good (I prefer to call it ‘flexible’), I like to try different things all at once.  Hey, variety makes life more fun!  You know, VIVA LA VIDA LOCA as Ricky Martin says


Thus, as soon as I started to miss Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body downloads which I had downloaded in my old deceased computer, I went ahead and reconnected myself with her website once again.  That’s when I had the sudden urge to try out her DVDs!  Smile   Fortunately, I found it at the right time because all 3 DVDs would usually cost close to $50, but with the holiday deal that she’s promoting right now it cost me approximately $30.

If you want to give them a try make sure you do so quickly because her deal is still on!  The promo code is holiday.

I find miss Sarago to be really inspiring--I mean, just look at this gal!  She looks glowy, healthy, and ultra fit!  She’s best known for her ballet/pilates/yoga/barre inspired routines, and although her workouts look easy peasy, one should NOT judge her exercises just by the looks of them because they are deceivingly tough.  They tend to leave you really sweaty and refreshed, yet trembling and surprisingly sore the next day.

Leah transformed her own body from a bulkier build due to working out at a regular gym, to a long and elongated build through her magical methods.  She basically shaped her own muscles into what she wanted, which is the defined dancer type of body shape.  That’s pretty much what I’ve been craving for lately because as I slowly see the changes in my pregnant body, I feel like I wouldn’t mind shaping it into something closer to Leah’s so that I’ll bounce back in no time. Open-mouthed smile

Another reason that I want to try the Ballet Body DVDs is that I’m in dire need of switching my fitness intensity throughout the week.  I don’t think it’s wise to solely perform high impact workouts, so something more mellow yet just as intense sounds really good right about now.

Today will be my first day trying out her DVD program and I am so excited!  I’ll be starting out with the Upper Body routine and will do the Lower Body tomorrow.  I’m not positive how often I’ll do the Core DVD since I don’t know how safe it will be for my stomach, but I’ll definitely update you guys on that one after I take a close look at it.  Hopefully I’ll stick to Ballet Body for a long time as I alternate going to the gym, which I’m sure won’t be too much of a problem.  I’ll keep you guys updated on how it all works out in case you want to join me in this journey!

I wrote about Leah’s downloads in a few blog posts in the past, and you can find them in my Exercise Tips page under ‘Tips and Motivation’.

Are there any DVDs or routines that you absolutely love?

Would you give Leah Sarago’s workouts a try?

Do you tend to be flexible or really strict with your workout regimens?

-I make sure to get a workout in at least 4 times a week, but I definitely have a harder time sticking to just ONE thing.


Ellie <33