Daily Eats and Weekly Workouts

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in

Ever since having gotten back from Kansas, I have been indulging in my regular eats because, well--they keep me "regular".  I'm sorry for that TMI but it's true!  Haha.  Although I don't mind eating whatever other people serve me at the dinner table, I have a hard time savoring it for long because my stomach can be so picky and I end up having digestion and regularity problems in the end.  It's safe to say that I'm thankful for the luxury to eat whatever I want, and whenever I need it. :)

Eats as of Late


Like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I try to get in a dose of fruit every morning before consuming anything else.  This helps with regularity, it allows me to get full thanks to a good amount of fiber, and it refreshes me when I'm still Ms. groggity mcgrog when I wake up.  So far it's been awesome!


Cold protein oats for breakfast!  It's just rolled oats, milk, greek yogurt, a little bit of protein powder, banana, and mangoes.  All topped with a hefty dollop of peanut butter. 

My lunch is extremely simple these days, and I'm not sure if my appetite has changed due to shifting hormones since I am slowwwlllly weaning Selah, but simplicity is where it's at!  I normally opt for corn because I've been buying them in bulk, and the fact that they're constantly on sale definitely motivates me to keep eating it!  I have been pairing it up with cheese, turkey slices, avocado, and lots of sriracha.  Just thinking about this combo makes my mouth water, whoa...But there are some variations to my lunch this week, since life have been extremely busy with VBS going on at church.  I don't mind the change though, because this keeps me from falling into a strict routine.


As for dinner, we've been having leftovers courtesy of this amazing, new-to-me brand--Patak's Tikka Masala Curry.  You see, despite my BEST intentions to make Indian food from scrach, I just haven't had time or motivation to go out and buy fresh spices.  And so far, I think Patak's has done a great job in making the task easier for us non-Indian folk. 


The method I used was pretty much what was written on the back of the bottle.  I basically caramelized sliced onion and chicken thigh pieces in a tinge of oil, and then I simmered the sauce with those ingredients on very low heat for approximately 40 minutes.  In the middle of cooking I realized that it isn't 100% like restaurant food, and the spice level was far too low for us, so I added 1/2 cayenne pepper and 1 tsp garam masala.  Let me tell you guys...that modification alone made all the difference!  Please try this if you haven't cooked Indian before, or if you're simply scared to try the stuff because you'll be saving a ton of money!

As soon as the Chicken Tikka Masala finished cooking, I served it over brown rice since I didn't have basmati in the pantry.  The result?  Mmmmmm!  *almost licked the bowl down to the last bit*  That is all I have to say. ;)

Workout Schedule

My workouts always vary and it is a day-to-day choice.  Sometimes I may feel a bit tight in my hamstrings and need to stretch myself out.  And there are other days when I feel so sluggish that nothing will get me out of that slump unless I do some cardio.  It all depends on the day and I tend to go with the flow when it comes to working out.  I may not have a set schedule, but my weekly rotation looks roughly like this:

Monday- Power interval yoga for about 30 minutes

Tuesday- HIIT body weight routine like the armpit target circuit

Wednesday- HIIT body weight routine the jumprope meldown hiit

Thursday- Intense power interval yoga for about 20 minutes or Ballet Body barre work

Friday- Run about 2 miles+walking at the park with Selah

Saturday- Run (if I didn't on Friday) or Power interval yoga

Sunday- Rest day

As you can see, this is a give or take kind of schedule and many of the workouts may vary depending on how I feel.  I believe it is extremely important to listen to the cues our bodies provide for us everyday, because this prevents us from burnout and we don't end up feeling like we are chained to a specific routine.  I understand that it isn't always easy to break away from a perfect routine, but being chained to anything is far worse.  You know the saying.  Let fitness serve you, not the other way around.  Or at least, this is what works best for me.  Now I'm curious to know what works best for you!


So tell me...What is your fitness routine like every week?  And what's your philosophy on what works best for your mind+body?

What does your diet normally consist of?  Are there foods you just need to have everyday?