How I've Found Food Freedom+Foodie Finds

by Ellie Betzen | from scratch, mostly in ,

sam's choice coffee and donut chunk ice cream
miso and tofu collard greens

Lately my diet has been zigzagging quite a bit, as Kath explains about her in squiggly line method rather eloquently.  I guess one could say that I've been eating a lot more 'instinctively' without the intention of losing weight or being Wonder Woman fit, meaning that I really don't think much about what I eat as much as how I'm savoring my food.  This is mostly due to Selah keeping me busier than ever before, and with all the attention--okay, some of the attention--going to her meals, I instinctively gravitate towards healthy food more than before, because I crave that refreshing crunch from fresh greens, which then translates into a burst of energy.  Ta-da! 

Then in the late afternoon I step into a zone of let's-have-tea-and-crumpets-mode while pretending to be sophisticated...only I don't have anyone to join me in the party.  ;)  So what do I do?  I grab the nearest pastry or ice cream I can get a hold of and I'm satisfied.  Don't even think twice about the guilt, etc.  Well, that's a lie.  Sometimes I do feel kind of bad but I think that's something we all face at times.  Freedom is found in the way we handle those thoughts rather than completely do without them.  As humans we can let go of things and grow from the experience, but I find it really hard to actually forget the experience!  Hence, thoughts and temptations may come up, but we don't have to say yes to them.  Nor should we feel guilt from them.  But I digress...The less I focus on specific macros and just eat for the strength and experience food provides, the happier my body (and mind) is!  Once upon a time I was so strict on myself if I didn't eat a 100% clean diet on any given day, but the more I focus on living life and realizing that one off day won't sabotage my pursuit of health, the freer I am.  I tell ya, motherhood does things to ya.

Phew!  That rant went on longer than I thought! 

The photos above show:

Sam's Choice Coffee and Donuts ice cream.  Never did I think I would like donuts, till I tasted this ultra decadent dessert, hah!  The only thing I don't fancy is the swirly glaze because it's too sweet for my liking.  The rest is A+ though, as evidenced by that huge dent I made in the ice cream.  :)

Kombucha SynergyIf you saw my instagram picture then you probably heard me scream about how much I missed this stuff!  From an imaginary rooftop, no less.  I would have to say that the Gingerberry is one of my favorite Kombucha flavors because it tastes light and not as stinky as other Kombucha.  *Makes ahhhhh noise after taking a sip*

Peaches and miso+tofu collard greens.  Need I say more?  I forgot how good peaches are right now!  I'm already rationing on these so I can have enough for the zillion dishes I want to include them in.

I hope you have a fantastic day filled with never ending blessings!  Let's also stay in prayer for all the people suffering around the world.  I feel so helpless but I know that prayer is the best thing we can do. 

How are you doing in your pursuit of health?  If you were restrictive at one point, do you feel like you've loosened up?

What are some of your favorite foodie finds and recipes lately?